布鲁诺·费尔南德斯(Bruno Fernandes):曼联有赢得英超联赛的心态

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Bruno Fernandes does not care if people think other teams are stronger than Manchester United, he believes they have the mentality to win trophies

布鲁诺·费尔南德斯(Bruno Fernandes)不在乎人们是否认为其他球队比曼联更强大,他相信他们有赢得奖杯的心态

菲律宾与中国对峙United have not claimed any silverware since completing the Europa League and League Cup double in 2017 under Jose Mourinho

菲律宾与中国对峙自从穆里尼奥(Jose Mourinho)在2017年完成欧洲联赛和联赛杯双冠王后,曼联尚未获得任何银器

Fernandes, who arrived at Old Trafford in January, helped United to the semi-finals of the FA Cup and Europa League last season, as well as a third-place finish in the league

费尔南德斯(Fernandes)于一月来到老特拉福德(Old Trafford),上赛季帮助曼联闯入了足总杯和欧罗巴联赛的半决赛,并在联赛中获得了第三名。

Solskjaer publicly backed by WoodwardDeschamps: Pogba can"t be happy with man Utd situation"Inconsistency under Ole worries Man Utd fans"The club"s hopes of ending an eight-year wait for a Premier League title look bleak after three defeats from their first seven matches in this campaign


Victory over Everton before the international break eased some pressure on manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, but the squad"s inconsistency has led to criticism from the likes of Roy Keane and Graeme Souness


Speaking on the UTD podcast, Fernandes said: "For me, it doesn"t matter about the other teams, people may say they are better than us, they have a better first XI than us, the guys who come from the bench are better, people can say what they think, I don"t care


"For me, I came to Manchester to win trophies


You are playing for one of the biggest clubs in the world


This club has made history in the past, an amazing history


"For a club like Manchester United, it"s a long time since we won the Premier League


It"s too long, I think菲律宾与中国对峙


"So you have to have in your mind - all the players, all the staff - we are here to win


And I think we have that mentality." Bruno "learning lots" from CarrickFernandes also revealed he has been taking inspiration from former United midfielder - now the club"s first-team coach - Michael Carrick


Carrick impressed the Portugal international with his passing accuracy after making up the numbers in training this week


"I was talking with Fred and I was going to say to him, "Hey, watch him playing and do the same", but I thought it was unfair and so I didn"t say it," Fernandes joked


He added: "I"m learning a lot from him (Carrick) and he"s one of the people I like to listen to, because he was a big player, he won a lot of trophies for the club and for me you have to learn from these players


"(Joao) Moutinho and Carrick, they are the sort of players from whom you can learn how to be smart in the game, how to be clever


"Maybe they"re not the sort of players that kids will watch and say, "I want to be like Michael Carrick", but when you have one in the team, you know that guy will never miss a pass, you know he will do the smart pass, most of the times will make the right decision, and you need these kinds of players."

“也许他们不是那种孩子会看着他们说"我想像迈克尔·卡里克(Michael Carrick)"的球员,但是当你在球队中有一个球员时,你知道那个家伙永远不会错过传球,你会知道他会进行智能传球,大多数时候都会做出正确的决定,而您需要这类球员。”


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