保罗·兰伯特(Paul Lambert)访谈:伊普斯维奇(Ipswich)老板在没有球迷的情况下踢足球,他们对赛季的希望等等

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For a man who has rarely been out of the game in decades, lockdown was a strange time for Paul Lambert


The Ipswich boss, like so many others in the lower leagues, had to try and maintain squad morale and prepare for a return of football that may never have come


"We did a lot of Zoom calls! There were quiz nights and all these types of things to try and keep us ticking over," he tells after winning September"s Sky Bet League One Manager of the Month award


"But then those became a little long-winded as there"s only so many questions you can ask someone! So those got curtailed and we tried some other things to keep us moving


"I did a lot around the house


We were fortunate to be able to work in the garden, so there was a lot of cutting down trees and painting anything that moved! I love cycling, too


I was just trying to keep active


"I did manage to switch off a little, but there was a lot of preparation work to try and hit the ground running, for whenever we could start again


"You knew we were going into a strange time


We had done the preparation, but I wasn"t sure when we would be back as the goalposts kept moving as the weeks and months ticked by


"You sort of became immune to it, waiting for the Government to say we could start to train again


Then we had to deal with all the social distancing and other things going against you


From that point of view it"s been a massive effort from everybody at the club." Lambert wins September awardGet Whatever work he did must have paid off


Before the curtailment of the 2019/20 League One season, Ipswich had picked up just four points from nine games


It was a run of form that saw them drop from automatic-promotion contention to outside of the play-offs altogether搜狐邮箱注册


Any prospect of a hangover has been swiftly brushed aside, however


Ipswich won their first three games of the season in September, and have picked up 10 points from four games


It is just a shame the fans are not there at Portman Road to see it


There were times last season when over 20,000 were coming through the doors on a matchday


An incredible figure for a League One attendance


"It"s not the same game without fans and we need them back in," Lambert said


"When that will be, I don"t know


But we"re doing the best we can


"You try your best to make it the same, but you know it"s not


Without supporters it"s not the same game


It isn"t football


"You play at home but is there any real home advantage? I"m not so sure


There"s no real pressure on the players, or any criticism or joy from the stands


It"s all gone." League One fixtures | Table | HighlightsLeague One news | Ipswich newsLambert has been at Ipswich for nearly two years now, and in a trying period for the club that saw them relegated from the Championship, he has made reconnecting with a previously disenchanted and frustrated fanbase a major priority


He is still doing whatever he can to keep that connection alive


"When we first came the place wasn"t in a great state," he said


"The fans weren"t turning up, and it"s such a big club that it needed them back


All of a sudden we were getting 18,000, then 20,000, then 23,000 back in


The atmosphere was great and without them it"s not the same


You feed off of it


"During lockdown myself and the staff rung some fans to see how they were and how they were coping


We tried to stay connected, and put ourselves out there and to do things


But social distancing makes what you can do very difficult." If and when they do come back, Lambert hopes they will be back to see a side that is pushing for promotion back to the Championship


"This is a huge club and we will always expect to go up from this league," he said


"That expectation is created by the history of the club


The fanbase is so big and we have to try and live up to that


"We will try and do our best to go up automatically


We started well but fell away badly last season in the last couple of months


We"ve started well this season, too, and now we have to sustain it."



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