PFA支持Jurgen Klopp和Pep Guardiola允许五名替代者

时间:2020-12-12 10:56:47

The Professional Footballers" Association has backed calls from Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola for the Premier League to re-introduce five substitutions, instead of the usual three

职业足球协会已支持Jurgen Klopp和Pep Guardiola呼吁英超重新引入5个替补,而不是通常的3个

The knock-on effect of the coronavirus pandemic has seen a more congested fixture list, with some managers insisting it is having an impact on players" wellbeing


A change to the rules this season is possible, if a team puts forward a proposal


However it would need the support of at least 14 clubs and has already been rejected twice, so seems highly unlikely


Kevin De Bruyne misses pen in gripping City-Liverpool drawTrent Alexander-Arnold to withdraw from England squad with injuryMan City 1-1 Liverpool highlightsGet | Get a NOW TV passManchester City are backing a change, but have only used an average of two substitutes per game this season

凯文·德·布鲁因(Kevin De Bruyne)错过了利物浦夺冠的机会特伦特·亚历山大·阿诺德因受伤退出英格兰队曼城1-1利物浦的亮点立即获得电视通行证曼彻斯特城队支持改变,但本赛季每场比赛平均只使用两次替补

West Brom, Tottenham, Wolves, Arsenal and Newcastle have used all three


After Trent Alexander-Arnold went off with a calf injury during Sunday"s 1-1 draw at the Etihad, Liverpool manager Klopp said: "All the teams have to understand why it"s so helpful

特伦特·亚历山大·阿诺德(Trent Alexander-Arnold)在周日的阿提哈德(Atihad)1-1平局小腿受伤后离开比赛,利物浦主教练克洛普(Klopp)说:“所有车队都必须明白为什么这样做如此有帮助

It"s not an advantage, it"s a necessity


100 per cent亚洲88


"In all other countries it happens and here we make a bit more fun of the competition by having only three subs


That is really incredible, so we have to talk again." Indeed, in all major leagues across Europe and in Major League Soccer in the United States, teams have voted to adopt the five substitute rule this season


However, it would no doubt favour the bigger clubs


Whilst West Ham boss David Moyes has come around to the idea, other sides are standing firm

西汉姆老板大卫·莫耶斯(David Moyes)提出了这个想法,但其他方面则坚定不移

One senior official at a top-flight club told News: "Our position hasn"t changed


Purely and simply, the bigger the club, the bigger the advantage if you have five subs


"Not all clubs have a huge squad with the depth of talent that some clubs enjoy and five substitutes will simply make life more difficult for smaller clubs." The PFA has confirmed it remains in support of allowing clubs to use five substitutes

“并不是所有的俱乐部都拥有一些俱乐部所能享有的那样深厚的人才,而五个替代者只会使小俱乐部的生活更加困难。” PFA已经确认将继续支持允许俱乐部使用五个替代者

"We told the Premier League we would support such a move on health and safety grounds for our members before the first vote and our position has not changed," a PFA statement read


The rule has clearly divided opinion, but in terms of restoring integrity and honoring the two votes that have already taken place, it seems unlikely we will see any change before the end of the season


Klopp: "In my understanding, it is a lack of leadership"Klopp believes the Football Association should take action over the substitutes rule, or risk having more international players ruled out through injury


"In my understanding, it is a lack of leadership," Klopp added


"It is the only big league where you have only three subs




"The FA has to be involved


Tonight we lost Trent Alexander-Arnold


亚洲88I"m pretty sure Gareth Southgate is not fine [with that]

亚洲88我很确定Gareth Southgate不好[与此有关]

If we continue like this and hopefully we can play the Euros in the summer..


if they happen, let"s see who will be part of that." Guardiola: "We don"t protect players and that"s why it"s a disaster"Guardiola says he fully agrees with Klopp that the limit must be increased: "All around the world it"s five substitutions, but here we believe we are more special people," said Guardiola


"We don"t protect the players, and that"s why it"s a disaster


In this calendar, especially


I will demand, if the people allow, we have to come back to five substitutions


If not, it"s difficult to sustain it." Moyes: I"ve changed my mind over five subs Moyes had previously been in favour of only using three substitutes but he admits he would now prefer the option of being able to have up to five replacements


"I recommended to our board that we would vote for three subs and not more


I"ve got to say, my mind has changed now is because of player welfare," said Moyes, speaking after Saturday"s 1-0 win over Fulham


"I don"t think I expected so many injuries


So many games in such a small period of time, whether it be that you"re an international player or in the Champions League or the Europa League, has meant that the programme has been so congested


"There have been no parties willing to give up any games, whether it be the Carabao Cup or any other cup competition


Nobody has been willing to give anything up


"That"s why now I would consider the change if it was there, that we could have more subs." Keane: Very difficult for Man City to win the league Roy Keane believes Manchester City lack the firepower needed to win the Premier League this season, after their 1-1 draw with Liverpool

“这就是为什么现在我考虑如果有更改,我们可以有更多的潜艇。”基恩(Keane):曼城很难赢得联赛罗伊·基恩(Roy Keane)认为,曼城在本赛季与利物浦1-1战平后缺乏赢得英超联赛所需的火力

Guardiola"s side were a distant second to the Reds last season and eight games into the 2020/21 campaign they already trail Liverpool by five points, sitting 11th in the table, six off early leaders Leicester City


Interestingly, Man City have scored 17 goals fewer than they had at the same stage of last season, and Keane believes with Sergio Aguero struggling with injuries, they aren"t able to make their dominance count in matches - and criticised them for not investing in a striker in the summer

有趣的是,曼城的进球数比上赛季同期少了17个进球,基恩相信塞尔吉奥·阿奎罗(Sergio Aguero)因受伤而挣扎,他们无法在比赛中占据优势地位-并批评他们没有投资于夏天的前锋

"I know there were other positions they wanted to fill, a centre-half I suppose was a priority


They"ve got nobody but themselves to blame for being short on strikers


You have to have strength in depth - particularly if you"re expected to challenge for all the major trophies


I don"t see City winning the league this year."



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