弗兰克·兰帕德(Frank Lampard):切尔西(Chelsea)击败谢菲尔德联(Sheffield United)本赛季的表现-蓝军冠军挑战者吗?

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Frank Lampard insists Chelsea"s 4-1 victory over Sheffield United was their best performance of the season, but is keeping his feet firmly on the ground

兰帕德(Frank Lampard)坚称切尔西(Chelsea)4-1击败谢菲尔德联(Sheffield United)是本赛季最出色的表现,但他的脚步始终坚定

Hakim Ziyech starred, creating two goals as Chelsea fought back from a goal down to register a fourth straight victory, taking them to within a point of Liverpool at the top of the Premier League

哈基姆·齐耶希(Hakim Ziyech)出场,创造了两个进球,切尔西(Chelsea)从一个进球开始反扑,连续第四次获胜,将他们带到了英超联赛利物浦的一分

Lampard"s side have scored 14 in four games, and conceded just one in six, but the manager insists Chelsea need to prove their strength over longer than a month


"That"s the best performance of the season in complete terms," he said in his post-match press conference, having said on : "We"re third, and that might change by the end of the weekend but at the same time, given the start we had where players were injured and we were starting to put it together, the lack of pre-season, now we"re seeing some of the work


"The season is long and it"s very early days so I"m keeping my feet on the ground


We have challenge after challenge coming up, the players now go away for two weeks before we face Newcastle


Every game will be challenging


Chelsea 4-1 Sheff Utd - Match report and highlightsPremier League table | Fixtures | ResultsHow Chelsea and Sheff Utd lined up | Match stats"The balance of the team was good today, but we must continue


I know how football is, and I know that it"s not just about individuals


It was always going to be hard work against Sheffield United but they came through it." Lampard has continually stressed that his side are a work in progress, but the front line in particular seem to be clicking in recent weeks


Sheffield United boss Chris Wilder said Chelsea are one of the top three sides in the country alongside Manchester City and Liverpool, and though Lampard insists the signs are good, he"s tempering expectations

谢菲尔德联队老板克里斯·怀尔德(Chris Wilder)表示,切尔西是曼彻斯特城和利物浦并列全国前三的球队之一,尽管兰帕德坚持认为迹象良好,但他的期望值却不断下降

"People expected our attacking players to click on day one of the season, but of course that doesn"t happen六盒彩资料


It"s a work in progress, and the movement and the relationships on the pitch is something you have to work on


"There are great signs, but we need to keep going." Chelsea"s fixturesSat Nov 21: Newcastle (a) Tues Nov 24: Rennes (a) Sat Nov 28: Tottenham (h) Wed Dec 2: Sevilla (a) Sat Dec 5: Leeds (h) Tues Dec 8: FK Krasnodar (h) Sat Dec 12: Everton (a) Can Chelsea challenge for the title? Ashley Cole on : "I think they"ve got the players to challenge

“有好的迹象,但我们需要继续前进。”切尔西的固定装置11月21日星期六:纽卡斯尔(a)11月24日星期二:雷恩(a)11月28日:托特纳姆(h)12月2日:塞维利亚(a)12月5日:利兹(h)12月8日星期二:FK克拉斯诺达尔(h) 12月12日,星期六:埃弗顿(a)切尔西能否挑战冠军头衔?阿什利·科尔(Ashley Cole)说:

We can sit here and say they can challenge, but football is fickle


It can swing so quickly as you can have one good performance like they had today against a Sheffield United team who I feel shouldn"t be bottom


Their quality is much higher than they"re showing positionally


"After they come back from the international break, they"ve got Newcastle and if they lose that there will again be criticism


六盒彩资料So we have to be careful, but right now with the changes they"ve made and the defenders that have come in, I do feel like they can challenge for the title." Get | Get a NOW TV passLive football on Graeme Souness on : "I definitely think they"ll get in the top four but I feel they"ll still be short [of challenging for the title] behind Man City and Liverpool

六盒彩资料所以我们必须要小心,但是现在,随着他们所做的更改和后卫的加入,我确实觉得他们可以挑战冠军头衔。” Get |立即获得电视通行证Graeme Souness上的直播足球: “我绝对认为他们会进入前四名,但我觉得他们仍然(落后于冠军头衔)在曼城和利物浦之后

You look at the areas that they"re not so strong in and they"re hoping that Thiago Silva and Edouard Mendy are going to be the difference

您看一下他们不太擅长的领域,他们希望Thiago Silva和Edouard Mendy会有所作为

But let"s see by early new year if they"re going to make such a difference against the bigger guys


"Timo Werner"s first year in English football will prove very demanding and I just look at the strength that Liverpool and City have

“蒂莫·沃纳(Timo Werner)参加英国足球的第一年将非常艰巨,我只是看看利物浦和曼城所拥有的实力

Sergio Aguero is an enormous miss to City when he"s not playing, but the rest of the team is fabulous

塞尔吉奥·阿奎罗(Sergio Aguero)在不参加比赛时是曼城的巨大怀念,但团队中的其他成员都很出色

"Even with Liverpool losing Virgil van Dijk, and the bad run they"ve had of injuries to players who came in, I still think they"re a bit ahead of Chelsea right now

“即使利物浦输掉了维吉尔·范·迪克(Virgil van Dijk),以及他们对进来的球员造成的不利影响,我仍然认为他们现在领先切尔西

"I"m thinking in a year"s time, Chelsea might be looking for another couple of centre-backs, and I still have that nagging doubt about the centre of defence


六盒彩资料I"d like to reserve my judgment on this area of the pitch for Chelsea as the goalkeeper"s come in and only played a handful of games." What"s next?Chelsea return to action after the international break with a trip to Newcastle United on Saturday November 21 at 12.30pm, while Sheffield United host West Ham on Sunday November 22, live on Premier League at 2pm



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