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Fanzone is back for the Premier League season, with some exciting new features


Fanzone is a second screen experience and free contest that challenges fans to test their trivia and predictive talents


Click here to access Fanzone!While tuning into Manchester City vs Liverpool on Super Sunday live on Premier League and Main Event (kick-off 4.30pm), viewers will be able to earn points by predicting match outcomes and correctly answering trivia questions related to the live match


You will earn points for correct picks from questions: "Will there be three or more goals in the match?" as well as numerous in-play scenarios such as: "Will the penalty taker score from the spot?" Score well enough and you will fly up the fans leaderboard! Whether you are a subscriber or not, everyone will be able to use Fanzone on your phone (optimised on iOS for iPhone 8 and above), laptop or PC

您将从以下问题中获得正确选秀的得分:“比赛中是否会有三个或更多进球?”以及许多进行中的场景,例如:“惩罚者得分是否会当场得分?”得分足够好,您将飞上粉丝排行榜!无论您是不是订户,每个人都可以在手机(在iPhone 8及更高版本的iOS上进行了优化),笔记本电脑或PC上使用Fanzone

With matches still taking place behind closed doors, you will also have the chance to have your very own watch party video calls during Fanzone enabled matches, where you can chat and compete against friends and family in the "Fanzone Picks" prediction game

由于比赛仍在闭门进行中,您还将有机会在启用Fanzone的比赛中进行自己的观看聚会视频通话,在“ Fanzone Picks”预测游戏中可以与朋友和家人聊天并竞争

Get into the game with family and friendsInvite up to five people to your Fanzone to catch the match together


Head to fanzone.skysports.com and send a link to your fellow fans


The Fanzone opens an hour before kick-off and will close 15 minutes after the full-time whistle


Play Fanzone PicksYou can also compete against friends and family in our new game "Fanzone Picks"


Ahead of kick-off, head to fanzone.skysports.com and submit your predictions for six match scenarios such as "Will both teams score?" or "Will there be five or more yellow cards?" You will earn points for each correct pick which will see you climb the fans leaderboard足球天下2攻略


Do not worry if you score poorly in the predictions, you can still redeem yourself by earning points for participating in in-game scenarios


We will also be testing your knowledge throughout the game with some Premier League trivia questions, and do not forget to check the leaderboard too, where the more points you earn, the higher up your name will be! Have your say and test your knowledgeDo you usually yell at the screen during a game? Or fancy yourself as the next big-name pundit reporting live from the News studio? Share your views on the players and their performance in live opinion polls


Put your knowledge to the test and earn points for correct answers with our Fanzone Picks game足球天下2攻略

通过我们的Fanzone Picks游戏测试您的知识并赢得积分以获取正确答案足球天下2攻略

The more points you earn throughout the match, the higher up the leaderboard you"ll be, and the more bragging rights you"ll earn


Who can use Fanzone?Anyone can play, whether you"re a Sky subscriber or not, and if you want to, share with a maximum of five mates to watch and play along with you How do I get involved?Go to fanzone.skysports.com on your phone, PC or laptopCreate a profile, and submit your six initial match predictionsThroughout the game, you"ll be prompted with more match scenarios to predict the outcome to, as well as trivia questionsIf you want to enjoy the game with friends and family, You"ll also see an icon to create a Fanzone watch party video callCopy and share your watch party video call link with up to five other people to catch the match together in your Fanzone


Please don"t share your link on social media in case someone unwanted tries to joinHow long is the Fanzone? Fanzone opens around an hour before live kick-off for Manchester City vs Liverpool on Super Sunday, and will close around 15 minutes after full-time

如果有人不想加入,请不要在社交媒体上分享您的链接。Fanzone多久了? Fanzone在超级周日的曼彻斯特城对阵利物浦的现场开球前一个小时开放,全日制约15分钟后关闭

At the end of the game, see where you ranked on the fans leaderboard



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