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If it"s not one thing for Man Utd, it"s anotherOver the past few games, Manchester United"s midfield had been the focus of discussion


Why wasn"t Donny van de Beek being used? How can Paul Pogba be shoe-horned into the team? Will the diamond work? Promptly followed by: why doesn"t the diamond work? But on Wednesday night, United"s defensive frailties were all too obvious again, and their lack of creativity in the final third against a low block highlighted them once more

为什么不使用Donny van de Beek?保罗·波格巴(Paul Pogba)怎么会被踢进球队?钻石会工作吗?及时提示:钻石为什么不起作用?但是在星期三晚上,曼联的防守能力再次变得太明显了,他们在低位的最后三分之一中缺乏创造力,这再次凸显了他们的实力。

The opener, scored by Demba Ba, was schoolboy stuff

由Demba Ba得分的揭幕战是男生

It"s a goal you almost exclusively see deep into second-half stoppage time when a team is chasing the game, not in the 13th minute of a goalless Champions League group game


Istanbul Basaksehir 2-1 Man Utd - Report and ratingsHow the teams lined up | Match statsThe second, while less bizarre, was equally worrying, with United losing the ball and caught high up the pitch


Basaksehir, sitting deep themselves, were queueing up to score


These were positional errors you don"t expect to see at any level


And in attack, Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford consistently ran into cul-de-sacs trying to find space in-behind a defence happy to sit back, a problem Solskjaer has experienced against stubborn sides throughout his time at Old Trafford

在进攻中,安东尼·马蒂亚尔(Anthony Martial)和马库斯·拉什福德(Marcus Rashford)始终遇到死胡同,试图在乐于放松的防守后面寻找空间,这是索尔斯克亚在老特拉福德任职期间一直面对顽固派的问题

Despite the focus being on the defence and attack, even the midfield can"t escape criticism挖金


Tempo was difficult to gain with both Juan Mata and Nemanja Matic in the XI, while Bruno Fernandes had his worst game in a United shirt

在十一届比赛中,胡安·马塔(Juan Mata)和内曼贾·马蒂奇(Nemanja Matic)都难以获得节奏,而布鲁诺·费尔南德斯(Bruno Fernandes)身穿曼联球衣则表现最差

Simply, United were beaten in every area of the pitch


Just eight days on from the 5-0 win over RB Leipzig, this was a night to forget as this side once again flip-flop between the wonderful and the woeful.Gerard Brand Man Utd fixturesSat Nov 7: Everton (a) Tues Nov 24: Istanbul Basaksehir (h) Sat Nov 28: Southampton (a) Wed Dec 2: PSG (h) Sat Dec 5: West Ham (a) Tues Dec 8: RB Leipzig (a) Sat Dec 12: Man City (h) Ruthless Reds find renewed edge in Jota Atalanta were supposed to provide a test

从5-0战胜莱比锡(RB Leipzig)仅仅八天,这是一个令人难忘的夜晚,因为这一侧再次在精彩和悲惨之间摇摆。11月7日星期六:埃弗顿(a)星期二11月24日:伊斯坦布尔巴萨克西希尔(h)星期六11月28日:南安普敦(a)星期三12月2:PSG(h)星期六12月5日:西汉姆(a)星期二12月8日:莱比锡RB(a)12月12日:曼城(h)冷酷无情红军在若塔·亚特兰大发现新优势应该提供测试

Jurgen Klopp had never won in Italy


But from the moment the match kicked off it was clear that Liverpool had far too much for the Serie A side


With the front three - the new front three - in this mood, they would have had too much for many sides


Diogo Jota, Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah looked terrifying

Diogo Jota,Sadio Mane和Mohamed Salah看上去很恐怖

It is true that Atalanta played into their hands in this 5-0 thrashing


Every corner for the home side appeared an opportunity to counter-attack


There had been some suggestions that Liverpool were not firing as they might this season but things can change quickly


Salah already has nine goals this season


Mane has five but after this hat-trick Jota has taken his tally to six


Atalanta 0-5 Liverpool - Report and ratingsHow the teams lined up | Match statsGet - All channels 20m in the summer to play predominantly as a right winger, the 20-year-old again showed his versatility and composure in front of goal to give City the lead during Tuesday"s 3-0 win over the Greek champions Olympiakos


挖金Manchester City 3-0 Olympiakos - Report and ratingsChampions League fixtures | Group tablesIn taking Kevin de Bruyne"s pass and tucking his shot underneath Jose Sa, Torres became the third-youngest player in Champions League history to score in four consecutive appearances, behind Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland

挖金曼城3-0奥林匹亚科斯-报告和评分在获得凯文·德·布鲁因(Kevin de Bruyne)的传球并将他的射门塞到何塞·萨(Jose Sa)之下时,托雷斯(Torres)成为欧洲冠军联赛历史上第三年轻的球员,连续四次出场得分,仅次于基里安·姆巴佩(Kylian Mbappe)和埃林·海兰德(Erling Haaland)

It capped a fine first-half display full of darting runs and endeavour


挖金Having scored just six times for Valencia last season, Torres already has five to his name from 13 appearances for club and country this term


City"s xG of 1.32 goals per game is significantly down on their xG of 2.48 in 2019/20 but Torres has quickly adapted to provide his manager with a lively option ahead of Liverpool"s visit this Sunday, live on


While Jesus showed he is ready to re-enter the fold with a fine goal of his own to end Olympiakos" second-half revival, Guardiola will not hesitate to deploy his countryman through the middle as a solution, not only should the need arise.Ben Grounds Man City fixturesSat Nov 8: Liverpool (h) Sat Nov 21: Tottenham (a) Wed Nov 25: Olympiakos (a) Sat Nov 28: Burnley (h) Tues Dec 1: Porto (a) Sat Dec 5: Fulham (h) Wed Dec 9: Marseille (a) Sat Dec 12: Man Utd (a)

当耶稣表明他准备好以自己的一个美好的目标重新进入赛场时,结束奥林匹亚科斯下半年的复兴时,瓜迪奥拉将毫不犹豫地在中间派遣同胞作为解决方案,不仅是在需要时。 Ben Grounds Man City赛程11月8日星期六:利物浦(h)11月21日星期六:热刺(a)11月25日星期三:奥林匹亚科斯(a)11月28日星期六:伯恩利(h)周二12月1日:波尔图(a)12月5日星期六:富勒姆( h)12月9日星期三:马赛(a)12月12日星期六:曼联(a)


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