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Team news, stats and prediction ahead of Wolves vs Crystal Palace in the Premier League on Friday; Kick-off 8pm


Team newsWolves are likely to have an unchanged squad for Friday"s Premier League visit of Crystal Palace


Boss Nuno Espirito Santo confirmed a number of players need to be assessed for knocks but he is expected to have close to a fully fit squad to pick from

老板努诺·埃斯皮里图·桑托(Boss Nuno Espirito Santo)证实需要对一些球员进行爆震评估,但他预计将有接近一个完全合适的阵容可供选择

Jonny remains sidelined as he continues to recover from the serious knee injury he suffered at the end of last season


Premier League news | Fixtures | TableCrystal Palace have been handed a number of fitness boosts ahead of their trip to Molineux

英超新闻|治具|水晶宫(TableCrystal Palace)在前往莫利纽克斯(Molineux)之前已进行了许多健身活动

Gary Cahill and James Tomkins are fully fit after respective injuries while Jordan Ayew and Jack Butland are both available following their periods of Covid-19 self-isolation

加里·卡希尔(Gary Cahill)和詹姆斯·汤姆金斯(James Tomkins)受伤后完全康复,而乔丹·艾尤(Jordan Ayew)和杰克·布兰德(Jack Butland)在Covid-19自我隔离期后都可以使用

James McCarthy has returned to training this week after sustaining an injury on international duty and Tyrick Mitchell will be subject to a late fitness test after taking a knock in training yesterday

詹姆斯·麦卡锡(James McCarthy)在因履行国际职责受伤后于本周恢复训练,而泰里克·米切尔(Tyrick Mitchell)昨日接受训练后将接受后期体能测试

However, Wayne Hennessey, Connor Wickham and Joel Ward remain out

但是,韦恩·轩尼诗(Wayne Hennessey),康纳·威克姆(Connor Wickham)和乔尔·沃德(Joel Ward)仍然不在

How to follow Follow Wolves vs Crystal Palace in our dedicated live match blog


Highlights will also be published on the digital platforms and the Football YouTube channel one hour after the final whistle

比赛结束后一小时,精彩集锦也将在数字平台和Football YouTube频道上发布

Sign up for PL goal alertsOpta stats Wolves have lost three of their last six league meetings with Crystal Palace (W2 D1), as many as they had in their previous 13 against the Eagles (W7 D3 L3).Crystal Palace have won three of their last five away league games against Wolves (L2), though they did lose this exact fixture 0-2 in July last season.Currently with 10 points this season courtesy of their three wins and one draw, Crystal Palace are looking to make it 13 points from their first seven games of a Premier League season for the first time ever.Crystal Palace have won two of their last three away league games (L1), as many as they had in their previous 12 on the road

狼队已经失去了最近六次与水晶宫(W2 D1)的联赛会议中的三场,与之前对阵老鹰队的十三场比赛(W7 D3 L3)一样多。水晶宫赢得了三场对阵狼队(L2)的最后五场客场联赛比赛,尽管他们确实在上个赛季7月0-2输掉了这场比赛。目前,他们的三场胜利和一场平局获得10分,水晶宫希望将其提高到13分自从他们在英超联赛赛季的前七场比赛中首次获胜以来,水晶宫赢得了他们最近三场客场联赛(L1)中的两场,这是他们在旅途中前十二场比赛中的人数

The Eagles have won 60% of their Premier League points this season in away games (6/10).Wolverhampton Wanderers have picked up 10 points from their six Premier League games this season - their best total at this stage of the season in the competition and their highest such total in a top-flight campaign since 1979-80 (13 pts, assuming 3/pts for a win).Crystal Palace have failed to win any of their previous five Premier League games on Friday"s (D3 L2) - it"s the most a team has played on Friday without ever winning in the competition

老鹰队本赛季在客场比赛中赢得了60%的英超联赛积分(6/10)。沃尔夫汉普顿流浪者本赛季六场英超联赛中获得了10分-这是本赛季比赛中最好的总分以及自1979-80年以来最高水平比赛中的最高总赔率(13分,假设赢得3分)。水晶宫未能在上周五的D3 L2比赛中赢得任何之前的五次英超联赛冠军-周五没有参加比赛的球队最多的一场比赛

Indeed, the Eagles have never won a top-flight game on Friday (D5 L6).Since returning to the Premier League for the 2018-19 season, Wolves have failed to score a first half goal in 58 of their 82 matches, the most of any side in the competition over this period威能

的确,老鹰队从未在周五(D5 L6)上赢得过顶级比赛。自从回到2018-19赛季的英超联赛以来,狼队在他们的82场比赛中有58场没有上半场进球,这是在此期间比赛的任何一方威能

Indeed, Wolves have failed to score a first half goal in each of their last five Premier League games.Crystal Palace"s Wilfried Zaha has netted five goals in six Premier League games this season, one more than he managed in 38 in 2019-20

的确,狼队在最近的五场英超比赛中都没有上半场进球。水晶宫的威尔弗里德·扎哈(Wilfried Zaha)在本赛季的六场英超比赛中打入五球,比他在2019-20赛季38场的进球多

With five goals and one assist this term, the attacker is just one goal/assist off his total goal involvement tally from last season.Wolves striker Ranez has played 331 minutes against Crystal Palace without scoring in the Premier League - only versus Leicester City (360) and Manchester United (358) has he registered more minutes without a goal in the competition

本学期有5个进球和1个助攻,这名攻击者仅比上个赛季的总进球数少1个进球/助攻。狼队前锋Ranez对阵Crystal Palace进行了331分钟的比赛,没有在英超联赛中得分-仅对莱斯特城(360 )和曼联(358)在比赛中未加进球的情况下,他的出场时间更多


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