韦恩·鲁尼(Wayne Rooney):冠状病毒混乱中的德比球员教练

时间:2020-12-12 10:45:47

Wayne Rooney is at the centre of a coronavirus confusion after being visited by a friend who had been instructed to be tested for Covid-19 and was later found to have the disease

韦恩·鲁尼(Wayne Rooney)在一位朋友的陪同下走到了冠状病毒的中心,后者被指示接受Covid-19的测试,后来被发现患有这种疾病

In the initial report from The Sun it was said the former England captain - now player-coach at Sky Bet Championship side Derby - was "seething" after infected entrepreneur Josh Bardsley visited him at his luxury mansion on Thursday to give him a watch

在《太阳报》的初次报道中,据说这位前英格兰队长-现在是Sky Bet Championship球队德比队的球员教练-在受感染的企业家乔什·巴德斯利(Josh Bardsley)周四在他的豪宅拜访他并给他看表之后,正在“沸腾”

Rooney: Coaching, free-kicks and guiding youngstersChampionship goals and highlightsA spokesperson for Rooney has confirmed the visit to News and said "Wayne was not told by Josh or anyone else before or during that visit that Josh had been told to take a coronavirus test"


Rooney, who is married to television personality Coleen and has four children, was unaware of any Covid-related concerns connected with Bardsley, and played in Derby"s 1-0 home loss to Watford a day after the visit on Friday evening


"Had he known Josh had been contacted by Track and Trace or had tested positive he would have refused to have seen him," the statement from Rooney"s spokesperson said


"Wayne is angry and disappointed that he, his family and his club have been put in this position by someone acting secretly and in breach of government and NHS guidelines


He is now taking a coronavirus test as a result of his contact with Josh." Government guidelines say anyone who has been in contact with a person who has tested positive must self-isolate for 14 days


It is likely, at the least, the Derby and Watford squads along with their support staff will be forced to take tests


Rooney has already indicated he will take a test


Derby did not name Rooney but confirmed in a club statement they were aware of the reports and would be following guidelines曾锦城


"Derby County Football Club is aware of a report in a national newspaper relating to a member of the club"s playing squad being in contact with an individual which has tested positive for Covid-19," it read


"On being made aware of this news the club has ensured that the appropriate measures were taken in line with strict EFL Covid-19 protocols and UK Government guidelines, which the club is operating under

“在获悉此消息后,俱乐部已确保采取严格的EFL Covid-19协议和英国政府指导方针所采取的适当措施,俱乐部正在根据

"The club will continue to adhere to the Covid-19 rules and protocols to ensure that the safest possible environment is provided for its players and staff


"The club will make no further comment unless a further update is required in relation to this matter." 曾锦城



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