维吉尔·范·迪克(Virgil van Dijk):膝盖受伤后,利物浦后卫被排除在英超联赛之外

时间:2020-10-21 03:55:36

Virgil van Dijk has been omitted from Liverpool"s 25-man Premier League squad after suffering a serious knee injury against Everton

维尔吉尔·范·迪克(Virgil van Dijk)因对埃弗顿(Everton)严重膝盖受伤,已被利物浦的25人英超联赛阵容淘汰

Van Dijk requires surgery on his anterior cruciate ligament, which was damaged in a collision with Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford during Saturday"s Merseyside derby

范·迪克(Van Dijk)需要对他的前十字韧带进行手术,该韧带在周六的默西塞德郡德比战中与埃弗顿门将乔丹·皮克福德(Jordan Pickford)发生碰撞而受损

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp says no time frame has been set for the defender"s return

利物浦主教练尤尔根·克洛普(Jurgen Klopp)表示尚未确定后卫返回的时间表

VAR reviewed Pickford"s challenge on Van Dijk and decided Liverpool should not be awarded a penalty as Van Dijk was in an offside position乐和彩登陆

VAR回顾了Pickford对Van Dijk的挑战,并决定不应将利物浦判给点球,因为Van Dijk处于越位位置乐和彩登陆

VAR also concluded that Pickford"s challenge was not worthy of a red card


Liverpool are understood to have contacted the PGMOL over the weekend for clarification on a number of decisions during the derby


Van Dijk will be a huge loss but Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson is confident that they can counter that loss, and that the Netherlands international will return even stronger

范·迪克(Van Dijk)将是一个巨大的损失,但利物浦队长约旦·亨德森(Jordan Henderson)充满信心,他们可以弥补这一损失,而且荷兰国脚将更加强大

Podcast: Will Van Dijk injury decide title race?Van Dijk to undergo knee surgeryWhen does January transfer window open?Get "It"s a tough one

播客:范·迪克(Van Dijk)的伤病会决定冠军争夺战吗?范·迪克(Van Dijk)进行膝关节手术1月的转会窗口何时打开?

It"s a big blow for us," said Henderson


"For him personally, obviously


But for us as a team, a massive blow


"I"m just gutted for him


It"s a difficult moment, but that"s when you need to be there for each other


I"ll be there as much as I possibly can for him, I"m sure the lads will do the same


"But I"m sure he"ll be back stronger


In the meantime we"ve got to do everything we can to help make us stronger and basically go and win as many games as we can for him, really


"That"s down to us as players to make sure that when he is back and he is fit that we"re still fighting to be successful and fighting for trophies


"You"ve got to use times like this to be stronger and to be even more together than we already are乐和彩登陆


And use it as a positive in some way - I know it sounds ridiculous at the moment, but that"s what you need to try to do


We need to try to look forward and try to help us in the next however many months Virgil will be out for." Liverpool"s Premier League squad Thiago Alcantara, Trent Alexander Arnold (homegrown), Roberto Firmino, Alisson Becker, Joe Gomez, Joseph Hardy, Jordan Henderson, Fabinho, Naby Keita, Caoimhin Kelleher (homegrown), Sadio Mane, Joel Matip, James Milner, Takumi Minamino, Divock Origi, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (homegrown), Nathaniel Phillips (homegrown), Andrew Robertson, Mohamed Salah, Adrian, Xherdan Shaqiri, Teixeira Da Silva, Diogo Jota, Konstantinos Tsimakis, Georginio Wijnaldum Premier League squads for 2020/21 seasonEach Premier League club have submitted a squad list for the 2020/21 season

利物浦的英超球队蒂亚戈·阿尔坎塔拉(Thiago Alcantara),特伦特·亚历山大·阿诺德(Trent Alexander Arnold)(本地出产),罗伯托·菲尔米诺(Roberto Firmino),阿里森·贝克尔(Alisson Becker),乔·戈麦斯(Joe Gomez),约瑟夫·哈迪(Joseph Hardy) ,乔丹·亨德森(Jordan Henderson),法比尼奥(Fabinho),纳比·凯塔(Naby Keita),曹敏欣·凯勒(Caoimhin Kelleher)(本地出产),萨迪奥·曼恩(Saio Mane),乔尔·马蒂普(Joel Matip),詹姆斯·米尔纳(Takumi Minamino),迪沃克·奥里吉(Divock Origi),亚历克斯·奥克斯拉德·钱伯兰(Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain)(本地出产),纳撒尼尔·菲利普斯(Nathaniel Phillips)(本地出产),安德鲁·罗伯逊(Andrew Robertson),穆罕默德·萨拉赫(Mohamed Salah)阿德里安(Adrian),谢尔达·沙基里(Xherdan Shaqiri),特谢拉·达席尔瓦(Teixeira Da Silva),迪奥戈·乔塔(Diogo Jota),康斯坦丁诺斯·西马克斯(Konstantinos Tsimakis),格奥尔基尼奥·维纳尔杜姆(Georginio Wijnaldum)2020/21赛季的英超联赛阵容每个英超联赛俱乐部都提交了2020/21赛季的阵容清单

Each squad contains no more than 17 players who do not fulfil the "Home Grown Player" (HGP) criteria


The rest of the squad, up to a total of 25 players, must be "Home Grown"


Clubs are also allowed an additional list of registered U21 players


What is a Home-Grown Player?A "Home-Grown Player" means a player who, irrespective of nationality or age, has been registered with any club affiliated to The Football Association or the Football Association of Wales for a period, continuous or not, of three entire seasons, or 36 months, before his 21st birthday (or the end of the season during which he turns 21)


Rules on U21 playersU21 players are eligible over and above the limit of 25 players per squad


For the 2020/21 campaign Under-21 players will have been born on or after 1 January 1999


Carragher calls for January replacementJamie Carragher believes that the loss of Van Dijk should be the catalyst for his former club to bring forward their plans to add a new defender


"Liverpool"s next big signing had to be a centre-back anyway and I am talking next summer," Carragher told Monday Night Football


"Dejan Lovren went and they didn"t replace him so they only have three centre-backs and one of those, Joel Matip, is always injured

“ Dejan Lovren走了,他们没有取代他,所以他们只有三名中后卫,其中一名乔尔·马蒂普总是受伤。

"There are question marks now about Joe Gomez


"So there is no doubt that Liverpool had to go big in the transfer market next summer


That was the next one


That has now got to be brought forward to January 1st, whoever the target was in the summer


Not the end of January


Not [wasting time that month] negotiating with a club." Who will replace Van Dijk in the short term? News" Ben Ransom: "Like Fernandinho, bringing Fabinho into defence and losing him midfield could be a blow for Liverpool

不会(那个月的时间)与俱乐部进行谈判。”谁将在短期内取代范迪克?新闻报道”本·兰索姆(Ben Ransom)说:“像费尔南迪尼奥那样,将法比尼奥带入防守并让他失去中场可能对利物浦是一个打击。

"But I think Fabinho will be the natural replacement, certainly going into next season


He can talk to everyone, he"s the one player, like Van Dijk, who can get Gomez or Matip alongside him, and tell the full-backs to tuck in." Read the full discussion from the Pitch to Post podcast Could any of the young players step up?Rhys Williams, Sepp van den Berg, Nathaniel Phillips, and Billy Koumetio are among the leading young centre-backs at Liverpool who Jurgen Klopp could play with Van Dijk out

他可以与所有人交谈,他是Van Dijk这样的球员,可以让Gomez或Matip陪在他身边,并告诉后卫加入。”阅读Pitch到Post播客的全部讨论里什·威廉姆斯,塞普·范登伯格,纳撒尼尔·菲利普斯和比利·库梅蒂奥是利物浦领先的年轻中后卫,尤尔根·克洛普可以和范·迪克一起比赛

Find out more about the standout prospects Pitch to Post podcast: Has Van Dijk injury derailed season?Was Saturday the day Liverpool"s title hopes took the cruellest of turns? Jasper Taylor is joined by Gerard Brand, Ben Ransom and Keith Downie to dissect the weekend"s action in the Premier League, leading of course with Van Dijk"s ACL injury and what that might mean for the champions

了解更多关于出色前景的信息播客播客:范·迪克(Van Dijk)的伤病赛季出轨了吗?利物浦夺冠的那一天周六希望转弯最残酷吗?贾斯珀·泰勒(Jasper Taylor)与杰拉德·布兰德(Gerard Brand),本·兰索姆(Ben Ransom)和基思·唐尼(Keith Downie)一同探讨了英超联赛周末的表现,当然,范迪克(Van Dijk)的ACL受伤以及对冠军的意义何在


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