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Liverpool and Manchester United are in talks about a bombshell plot involving Europe"s biggest football clubs to join a new FIFA-backed tournament that would reshape the sport"s global landscape


Sky News has learned that financiers are assembling a $6 billion (50m grant proposed by the Premier League


PL says EFL rescue package still available, despite rejectionSources said the result of the new format, if it gets off the ground, would be to give England"s wealthiest clubs greater leverage in future negotiations with the Premier League and with broadcasters and sponsors


They added that the possibility of outright club defections from domestic leagues was not on the new tournament"s "short-term agenda"


Nevertheless, a decision to join the new European tournament will leave its participants exposed to the suggestion that they were enriching themselves at the expense of domestic rivals, exacerbating the already-vast financial gulf between teams at the top and bottom of the Premier League


That risks particular damage to clubs" reputations during an economic crisis which has resulted in the UK"s unemployment rate increasing and millions of people becoming concerned about their livelihoods


One person close to the project said there would need to be "very substantial" solidarity payments built into the European Premier League structure to demonstrate that its creation would benefit the wider game


Even that, though, is unlikely to be sufficient to appease critics of the biggest clubs, who have long-sought to find ways of preventing "smaller" sides breaking their stranglehold on the domestic leagues - as Leicester City, did, for example, in 2016, when it won the Premier League


Central to the new league would be the question of whether its fixtures are played in the existing slots allocated to Champions League matches, or whether the prize of drawing vast live audiences in Asia and the US, as well as Europe, means there is an attempt to play them throughout the day at weekends


It emerged [this month] that Liverpool and Manchester United were leading a quest to reform the Premier League by cutting the number of teams from 20 to 18 and giving the so-called "big six" and other long-standing shareholders in the top flight enhanced voting rights that would effectively hand them outright control


The League Cup, currently sponsored by Carabao, and the Community Shield, would also have been expunged from the calendar or played without the involvement of clubs taking part in European competitions

目前由Carabao和Community Shield赞助的联赛杯,也可以从日历中删除或在没有俱乐部参加欧洲比赛的情况下进行比赛

Their plot was immediately denounced by the Premier League and the government, leading to a statement from all 20 clubs that they would reject Project Big Picture北京豪城国际俱乐部


Gary Neville, the former Manchester United and England defender, said the extent of the divisions about how to reform and financially protect the game meant that an independent football regulator should be established北京豪城国际俱乐部

前曼联和英格兰后卫加里·内维尔(Gary Neville)表示,关于如何改革和经济保护比赛的分歧程度意味着应该建立一个独立的足球监管机构北京豪城国际俱乐部

The prospective involvement of some of the top flight"s elite clubs in a European super league format would help to explain their desire to curb the number of domestic fixtures to which they are committed


Ministers have applied pressure to the Premier League to formulate a financial rescue package for lower league clubs, but those talks have been far from straightforward, with some top-flight executives complaining that they are being held to a different standard to wealthy companies in any other industry


One football insider also raised the prospect of legal challenges to the new league from excluded rival clubs, although one club source said they were confident that they were able to strike a deal that could not be overturned


The Champions League"s existing format is said to be locked in place until 2024, with an expansion possible after that, although its name, and existence, would be cast into doubt if the continent"s elite clubs decided to abandon it


The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the potential shake-up of football


In Italy, CVC Capital Partners, the former owner of Formula One motor racing, is in exclusive talks alongside fellow investment firm Advent International to take a stake in the commercial rights to the country"s Serie A league

在意大利,一级方程式赛车的前所有者CVC Capital Partners正在与同伴投资公司Advent International进行独家谈判,以收购该国意甲联赛的商业权

A number of alternative structures have been proposed in England to inject funds into the financially struggling lower leagues, including a plan tabled by TPG Capital, a private equity firm, to acquire an equity stake in the EFL

在英格兰,已经提出了许多替代结构,以向陷入财务困境的低端联盟注入资金,其中包括由私募股权公司TPG Capital提出的一项计划,以收购EFL的股权。

Liverpool, Manchester United, JP Morgan and Providence all declined to comment, while Key Capital Partners could not be reached for comment

利物浦,曼联,摩根大通和普罗维登斯均拒绝置评,但无法与Key Capital Partners置评。


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