Ref Watch:Joachim Andersen,John Lundstram,Jake Livermore有权获得红色圣诞贺卡吗?

时间:2020-12-21 21:23:54

In the latest edition of Ref Watch, former top-flight referee Dermot Gallagher analyses the VAR interventions that produced three red cards in the Premier League this weekend..

在最新版的《 Ref Watch》中,前顶级裁判Dermot Gallagher分析了在本周末英超联赛中产生三张红牌的VAR干预。

Dermot joined Rob Wotton on News to review the big decisions..

德莫特(Dermot)与罗布·沃顿(Rob Wotton)一起接受新闻采访,回顾了重大决定。

Newcastle 1-1 FulhamINCIDENT: Joachim Andersen is sent off for a last-man challenge on Wilson

纽卡斯尔1-1富勒姆新闻:约阿希姆·安德森(Joachim Andersen)被派去参加威尔逊的最后一战

Newcastle are awarded a penalty after referee Graham Scott consults the pitchside review monitor

裁判格雷厄姆·斯科特(Graham Scott)咨询球场旁的检查员后,纽卡斯尔被判处罚款

Fulham boss Scott Parker slams VAR after the game, accusing the technology of changing the game for the worse

富勒姆老板斯科特·帕克(Scott Parker)在比赛结束后猛烈抨击VAR,指责该技术改变了比赛情况

VERDICT: "The easiest solution in this incident would have been to blow the whistle and issue a second yellow as soon as Anderson has pulled Wilson"s shirt


If that happened, then all of this debate would have gone away and been avoided


But because it was allowed to go on, we have a debate whether it was a penalty or not


"The on-field decision was a penalty but then the VAR decided that because there was no covering defender it could be a red card, and things got all complicated


In the end we ended up with a red card and a penalty, I think the red card would have been given anyhow, but it was a very untidy process that could have been avoided


"With regards to the challenge actually warranting a penalty being given, the referee must have thought there was contact once Wilson went into the area


But with Andersen already on a booking, the simple decision would have been to issue a second yellow and none of the rest would have followed


"Referees have different options


According to how you use them, they can be used for the betterment of the game and the betterment of the referee"s control of the game, and in this situation, he chose an option that was least favourable to himself." Brighton 1-1 Sheffield UnitedINCIDENT: John Lundstram"s yellow card for a lunge on Joel Veltman is upgraded to red after referee Peter Bankes is alerted to the reckless challenge by VAR

根据您使用它们的方式,可以将它们用于改善比赛和改善裁判对比赛的控制,在这种情况下,他选择了对自己最不利的选项。” Brighton 1-1 Sheffield UnitedINCIDENT:在裁判彼得·班克斯(Peter Bankes)被VAR提醒进行鲁challenge挑战后,约翰·伦德斯特拉姆(Joel Veltman)冲刺的黄牌被升级为红色。

VERDICT: "Without doubt we arrived at the right decision here


The process with VAR alerting the referee that what he saw on the field required a second look at the monitor is what the technology is there for170平台

VAR提醒裁判员他在现场看到的东西需要再次查看监视器的过程是该技术的用途 170平台

"Lundstram overruns the ball, had a heavy touch and his priority is to get that ball back


In his haste to get it back, he lunges in at full speed and loses control of his actions


170平台He catches Veltman high, late and seriously endangers an opponent


"VAR quite rightly referred the referee to the monitor; he picks it up and it"s a red card

“ VAR非常正确地将裁判员推荐给了监督员;他将其捡起,这是一张红牌

Very quick process and correct outcome." West Brom 0-3 Aston VillaINCIDENT: Jake Livermore"s yellow card for a lunge on Jack Grealish is upgraded to red after referee Martin Atkinson is instructed to take a second look on the pitchside monitor


VERDICT: "This is a very interesting incident in so much that I don"t think Livermore gets as much on Grealish as we would have anticipated


"But what I would say is that he went in with such ferocity and was so far over the ball that VAR is left with little choice but the tell the referee to have another look


"The referee sees how high over the ball Livermore is, that he has extended the leg, gone in with such and caught Grealish


It"s inevitable he was going to get a red card." INCIDENT: Four minutes after Livermore"s dismissal, Aston Villa defender Kortney Hause was shown only a yellow for a late high challenge on Grady Diangana

他不可避免地会得到一张红牌。“事件:利弗莫尔被解雇四分钟后,阿斯顿维拉的后卫科特尼·豪斯在格雷迪·迪安加纳(Grady Diangana)的一次高挑比赛中只被拿到了黄色。

On this occasion, VAR chose not to intervene, and Martin Atkinson"s on-field decision went unchallenged

在这种情况下,VAR选择不干预,Martin Atkinson的现场决定变得不容质疑

170平台VERDICT: "Hause is very lucky

170平台VERDICT:“ Hause非常幸运

He"s caught the player on the shin and gone down to the ankle - you could see his ankle bend


"The referee on the field hasn"t quite seen it like that, and VAR has looked at it and felt that it was just within the threshold


If he had sent the referee to the monitor, he may well have reached a different decision, but we don"t know


"On that occasion, I think Hause is very lucky to have escaped a red card." INCIDENT: Jack Grealish is bundled over in the area by West Brom defender Semi Ajayi, and referee Martin Atkinson shows no hesitation awarded Aston Villa a penalty

“那一次,我认为豪斯很幸运能够逃脱红牌。” 事故:杰克·格雷里什(Jack Grealish)被西布朗(West Brom)的后卫塞米·阿贾伊(Semi Ajayi)捆绑在了该区域,裁判马丁·阿特金森(Martin Atkinson)毫不犹豫地向阿斯顿维拉判罚

VERDICT: "There"s a little bit of contact, but I think the referee thinks it"s a clumsy challenge


He sees a little tangle of legs and I can understand why he"s given it, but also why West Brom would have been disappointed


"From where the referee is on the field, and the way the two players have come together, it"s one where referees will give a penalty nine times out of 10." Analysis: Premier League hits and missesMan Utd 6-2 LeedsINCIDENT: Daniel James is booked for simulation by referee Anthony Taylor after going to ground under Liam Cooper"s challenge on the edge of the Leeds area

“从裁判在场上的位置以及两名球员的聚集方式来看,这是裁判在10场比赛中将被处罚9次的一种方式。” 分析:英超联赛命中率和失误曼联6-2利兹事件:丹尼尔·詹姆斯(Daniel James)在利姆·库珀(Liam Cooper)的挑战下到达利兹地区边缘后被裁判安东尼·泰勒(Anthony Taylor)进行模拟训练

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was adamant his side should have been awarded a penalty

曼联主教练索尔斯克亚(Ole Gunnar Solskjaer)坚称他的球队应该被判罚

VERDICT: "Well, the contact is outside the area so it wouldn"t have been a penalty


"What I would say is that in these situations, referees sometimes close the options available to them and decide that if they"re not going to give a penalty, they"re going to book someone for diving


"I think there is a third option, which would have been more preferable in this situation, and that would have been for the referee to do nothing and let the game continue


It"s definitely not a penalty, but it"s definitely not a dive." Tottenham 0-2 Leicester INCIDENT: Spurs defender Serge Aurier barges into the back of Wesley Fofana in the penalty area


Referee Craig Pawson is instructed to consult the pitchside monitor where he awards Leicester a penalty

裁判员克雷格·鲍森(Craig Pawson)被指示去咨询球场边的监视器,并判处莱斯特罚款

VERDICT: "It"s definitely a penalty


Aurier hits Fofana right in the middle of his back with his shoulder


That, and the actual force of the challenge, means there is no doubt


Everybody will accept the decision to award a penalty, it"s the correct one." Everton 2-1 ArsenalINCIDENT: Dani Ceballos escapes punishment after he appears to stamp on Everton defender Yerry Mina as the two players compete for the ball


Referee Andre Marriner lets the incident go on the field and VAR does not intervene

裁判安德烈·马林纳(Andre Marriner)允许事件继续进行,VAR不进行干预

VERDICT: "I"m in Ceballos" camp here


The players tangle together, and Ceballos doesn"t bring his foot down on Mina"s leg intentionally


"Only he knows whether there is intention there, but when you look at it sideways on, the coming together is minimal, his studs haven"t raked down Mina"s calf


"I would give him the benefit of the doubt because if I"m going to stay someone has stamped on someone, I want to be absolutely positive." Southampton 0-1 Man CityINCIDENT: Southampton appeals for a penalty following a Raheem Sterling handball are ignored by referee Mike Dean

“我会给他怀疑的好处,因为如果我要留下某人,那么我肯定会持肯定态度。” 南安普敦0-1曼城事件:主裁判Mike Dean忽略了Raheem Sterling手球之后的南安普敦要求加分的上诉

VERDICT: "This doesn"t fall into handball criteria because, if you watch, Sterling goes to kick the ball and it flies up and hits his arm, which is in an expected position


Not a penalty for me."



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