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A goalkeeping howler from Birmingham"s Neil Etheridge helped head coach Aitor Karanka"s former club Middlesbrough to a 4-1 win at St Andrew"s


Etheridge allowed Lewis Wing"s inswinging corner to drop through his hands in the 56th minute for Boro"s third goal


His rare error effectively clinched a third straight win for Neil Warnock"s side and a first away victory in seven, before Wing notched a fourth eight minutes from time

他的罕见失误有效地赢得了尼尔·沃诺克(Neil Warnock)的一连串三连胜,并在七场比赛中获得了首个遥遥领先的胜利,之后永荣(Wing)排名第四

Championship fixtures | table | highlightsGet First-half strikes from Britt Assombalonga and George Saville had cancelled out Maxime Colin"s superb opener

冠军赛器材| 桌子| 来自Britt Assombalonga和George Saville的上半场罢工取消了Maxime Colin的出色揭幕战

It was Middlesbrough"s biggest league win in over five-and-a-half years, since they beat Ipswich at home by the same scoreline on March 14, 2015360小游戏中心

这是米德尔斯堡过去五年半来最大的联赛冠军,因为他们在2015年3月14日以同样的比分在主场击败伊普斯维奇 360小游戏中心

Blues have now lost their last three games and gone six home games without a win as they crashed to their biggest league defeat since losing 5-0 at Brentford on February 20, 2018


But they started better and created the first chance when striker Scott Hogan headed wide from Jeremie Bela"s cross

但是当他们的前锋斯科特·霍根(Scott Hogan)从耶雷米·贝拉(Jeremie Bela)的传中发球时

That bright start got better and gained its reward in the 15th minute when Colin put them ahead


The right-back crashed home a rising left-foot drive into the top corner of the net from 15 yards after Jon Toral"s shot was blocked following another Bela cross

乔恩·托拉尔(Jon Toral)的射门在另一场贝拉(Bela)传球被拦下后被封堵,右后卫从15码处的球门左上角上升,撞到了网的顶角

It was Colin"s first goal in 53 Sky Bet Championship appearances

这是Colin在53次Sky Bet Championship出场中的第一个进球

But Middlesbrough worked themselves back into the game to lead by half-time


Midfielder Saville volleyed just wide for the visitors before Assombalonga levelled in the 27th minute with a cool, neat finish across Etheridge after Marc Bola put him through in the channel360小游戏中心

中场球员萨维尔(Saville)抽空吸引观众,然后在第27分钟,马克·博拉(Marc Bola)将他带入通道之后,阿索巴拉隆加(Asombalonga)在埃瑟里奇(Etheridge)保持冷静,整洁的水平 360小游戏中心

The striker justified his recall at the expense of Chuba Akpom to score his fourth goal of the season, ending a four-match drought on his 99th league start for the club and his 299th League appearance

这位前锋为弥补自己的第4个进球而牺牲了丘巴·阿克波姆(Chuba Akpom),为他的召回辩护,结束了俱乐部第99场联赛开局和第299场联赛的四场干旱

360小游戏中心Saville put Boro ahead after 31 minutes when he side-footed home at the near post from a left-wing cross from Marvin Johnson - his seventh assist of the season

360小游戏中心萨维尔(Saville)在第31分钟后就从博文(John Marvin Johnson)左路传中在左边路的位置将博罗(Boro)放倒脚,将波罗领先

Then came Etheridge"s moment to forget, which effectively put the game beyond the home side


Karanka made a triple substitution on the hour when he introduced Lukas Jutkiewicz, Jonathan Leko and Gary Gardner for Toral, Ivan Sanchez and Bela

当Karanka在介绍Toral,Ivan Sanchez和Bela的Lukas Jutkiewicz,Jonathan Leko和Gary Gardner时,他一小时被替换为三人。

But it made little difference as Middlesbrough saw out the game comfortably


Blues" luck was summed up when defender Harlee Dean ventured forward for a shot but ballooned his effort high into the stand

当后卫哈里·迪恩(Harlee Dean)向前射门,但他的努力高高地冲向了看台时,就可以总结出布鲁斯的运气。

Wing scored the goal of the game when he lashed home with a low drive from 25 yards from Marcus Tavernier"s pass in the 82nd minute after Assombalonga raced onto a through ball only to be held up by Marc Roberts

在Assombalonga闯入直通球但仅由Marc Roberts挡住后,第82分钟,Wing在距离Marcus Tavernier传球25码处的低射门处扑向低位,将比赛打进了进球

Etheridge also got a firm hand on this shot, only for the ball to go underneath him and into the net



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