军械库Matteo Guendouzi测试冠状病毒呈阳性

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Arsenal midfielder Matteo Guendouzi, who is on loan at Hertha Berlin, has tested positive for coronavirus

在柏林赫塔(Hertha Berlin)租借的阿森纳中场球员Matteo Guendouzi的冠状病毒测试呈阳性

The 21-year-old tested positive on two occasions on his return from international duty with France U21 and will now self-isolate for 10 days in Germany


Partey: Arteta"s exciting plans key to my moveWenger: Arsenal can win PL title under ArtetaGuendouzi is reported to be asymptomatic and feeling well


The Frenchman had no contact with any other Hertha Berlin players on his return, according to the club


He was set to be presented to the media on Thursday afternoon and in line to make his debut in the Bundesliga fixture with Stuttgart on Saturday following his Deadline Day loan move from Arsenal


Hertha Berlin said Guendouzi returned two positive tests on his return on Tuesday morning and Wednesday evening

柏林赫塔(Hertha Berlin)说,根杜兹(Guendouzi)在周二早上和周三晚上返回时返回了两项正面测试

He had captained France U21 to victories over Liechtenstein and Slovakia in his first matches since last month"s international break


The midfielder had been surplus to requirements at Arsenal since their 2-1 defeat to Brighton on June 20, where he was involved in a post-match altercation with Neal Maupay

自从6月20日他们以2-1击败布赖顿以来,这位中场球员已经满足了阿森纳的需求,在那里他与尼尔·莫帕伊(Neal Maupay)进行了赛后角逐

Partey: Arteta"s exciting plans key to my moveThomas Partey says Mikel Arteta"s "exciting" plans helped him decide to join Arsenal


The new signing arrived at the Gunners" training ground for the first time on Tuesday after international duty and could make his debut against Manchester City this weekend


The Ghana midfielder completed a 45m move from Atletico Madrid on Deadline Day and admits he must adapt quickly to the rigours of the Premier League


"Arteta was very important [for the move]," he said


"Him and (technical director) Edu told me about their plans and it was so exciting, so I had to accept it

“ Him和(技术总监)Edu向我介绍了他们的计划,这非常令人兴奋,所以我不得不接受

"It"s a great challenge


I want to experience new challenges


I"m ready to give it my all and help the club get back to where it belongs." Bendtner admits regret over career Former Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner has admitted to having regrets over his career and says he "became too fond of the lifestyle that came with the money" of being a professional footballer

我已经准备好全力以赴,并帮助俱乐部回到自己的归属地。”本特纳承认对职业生涯感到遗憾前阿森纳前锋尼克拉斯·本特纳(Nicklas Bendtner)承认对自己的职业生涯感到遗憾,并表示他“太喜欢那种生活方式了。伴随着金钱”成为职业足球运动员

The ex-Denmark international recently released an autobiography in which he claims to be "completely honest" about his past difficulties


ag微博Bendtner was signed for Arsenal by Arsene Wenger as a youth but struggled to realise his potential and - in his new book - he admits to drinking and gambling during his time at the Gunners

ag微博本特纳在青年时期就被阿森纳·温格(Arsene Wenger)签下为阿森纳(Arsenal),但他努力地发掘自己的潜力,并且-在他的新书中-他承认在枪手期间曾喝酒和赌博

"I became too fond of the lifestyle that came with the money," he said, and quoted by the Guardian


"I want to go back in time and hit that young lad on the head with a hammer


Make him understand what a chance it is


That he has something special - something he has to look after." ag微博



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