伊恩·埃瓦特(Ian Evatt)访谈:经理将博尔顿带回正确的方向

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In the unpredictable world of the EFL, there is generally always one thing you can rely upon: A Manager of the Month award being followed by an immediate defeat超巨足球赛

在EFL的变幻莫测的世界中,通常总是可以依靠一件事:当月经理人奖被紧随其后的失败 超巨足球赛

After a tricky start to the season, Bolton finally started to get going in League Two in November, winning four and drawing one


Then, the curse struck


A crazy 6-3 defeat at home to Port Vale, who had themselves lost five in a row before turning up at the University of Bolton Stadium in early December

Port Vale主场疯狂的6-3失利,在12月初出现在Bolton University大学之前,他们已经连续输掉了五场

A few days after, Ian Evatt - having discovered why that result had happened - was extremely good-natured about the whole thing

几天后,伊恩·埃瓦特(Ian Evatt)–发现了发生这种结果的原因–对整件事非常善良

Evatt wins League Two Manager of the MonthLeague Two table | Fixtures | HighlightsGet "It was a disappointing game, but having found this out afterwards, I"ll put it down to the Manager of the Month curse!" he joked when he spoke to after winning the Sky Bet League Two award超巨足球赛

埃瓦特赢得本月联赛第二联赛经理 治具| HighlightsGet“这是一个令人失望的游戏,但是事后发现了这一点,我将其归因于本月经理的诅咒!” 在赢得第二届“天空赌注联盟”奖之后,他在与他交谈时开玩笑 超巨足球赛

More disappointment was quick to follow, as Bolton were beaten 2-1 at Walsall - we can blame that on the curse, too - but on Tuesday night they snuck a late 1-0 victory at high-flying Cheltenham, to move to within three points of the play-offs

很快便有了更多的失望,因为博尔顿在沃尔索尔被2-1击败-我们也可以把这归咎于诅咒-但在星期二晚上,他们在高飞的切尔滕纳姆队(Cheltenham)上以1-0的胜利击败了对手,进入了三分 季后赛的要点

超巨足球赛That may not seem great for a club like Bolton at this stage of a League Two campaign, particularly when you take into account the fact they started the season as outright favourites for the title, but it was always going to be a tricky process for a club that had experienced so much turmoil in recent seasons

超巨足球赛对于联赛第二阶段的博尔顿这样的俱乐部来说,这似乎不太好,特别是当您考虑到他们本赛季作为冠军头衔而成为本赛季的头号热门时,但是对于阿森纳来说,这始终是一个棘手的过程。 最近几个赛季经历了如此多动荡的俱乐部

"We had a slow start, but we are starting to pull it together now, which is credit to the players and the staff," Evatt says


"Anyone who sees Bolton Wanderers in League Two expects them to win every game and the title at a canter."But the club were used to losing games


Bolton were only one day from going out of business completely and not existing anymore, that"s how close the club came to not being there


We"ve seen with Bury and Macclesfield how quickly it can happen


"Turning around that mindset and mentality is a huge challenge, and people do underestimate that." Years of ownership issues saw the club slip into a state of disrepair

“扭转这种思维方式和思维方式是一个巨大的挑战,人们确实低估了这一点。” 多年的所有权问题使俱乐部陷入失修状态

From the heights of European football and FA Cup semi-finals in a golden period 10 to 15 years ago, Bolton were at the point of oblivion last season, before being rescued at the eleventh hour


Relegation to League Two for just the second time in their history could not be avoided, but it feels like things are finally turning around


Evatt knows, however, they need to get results on the pitch if they are going to win back their fans in the long term


"The owners have a vision," says Evatt


"They want to go on a journey and I want to be a big part of that


That means Bolton eventually getting back to where I believe it belongs, which is at least the Championship


"We need to do the right things on and off the pitch so we can regain the trust and respect of our supporters again


They need to trust what we"re doing and we need to reconnect with the town and the community


But we can only do that if we are winning on the pitch, and it"s good that we"re starting to do that now


"It hasn"t been easy超巨足球赛

“这并不容易 超巨足球赛

We had to sign 22 new players in the middle of a pandemic, with a salary cap that has come into place and doesn"t really help us


The players can"t socialise outside of the club either, so it"s hard to build relationships with a completely new squad


"We"ve faced a lot of challenges and it was always going to take time


We"re building a a whole new brand and a whole new identity for Bolton Wanderers, and that doesn"t happen overnight

我们正在为Bolton Wanderers建立一个全新的品牌和一个全新的标识,而这并非一overnight而就

It"s about following the process


超巨足球赛"The owners here have put a huge amount of faith and belief in me


They believe in what I"m doing and the process behind it


They understand how difficult it can be, and it will continue to be." The new owners at Bolton were won over by Evatt in the summer


Just 39, Evatt had only retired from playing in 2018, but in his first managerial job he managed to lead Barrow back to the Football League for the first time in nearly half a century, finishing as champions of the National League


It is not often a manager will leave a promoted club, but for Evatt the opportunity of Bolton was just too big to turn down


"It was a tough decision," Evatt remembers


"I loved my time at Barrow and what we achieved there was brilliant


I think the world of their fans and everyone at the club


It gave me a platform to show what my teams can do


To get promoted after 48 years was an exceptional thing to achieve


"It was strange going back there earlier in the season, especially with no supporters


But I might have got a lot of stick from them, so it saved me in that respect! I cant speak highly enough of that club and everything they did for me

但是我可能从他们那里得到了很多帮助,因此在这方面救了我! 我不能对那个俱乐部以及他们为我所做的一切都说得足够高

"But you don"t get opportunities like this very often


I had a conversation with the owner [Sharon Brittain] and she told me the vision she had

我和店主[莎朗·布里顿(Sharon Brittain)]进行了交谈,她告诉我她的愿景

After the initial phone call I was sold, and I wanted to come here and be a big part of hopefully getting the club back to where it belongs." Bolton lost their first three on the spin this season, and managed just two wins in their first 11 games

在打完第一通电话后,我被卖掉了,我想来这里成为希望俱乐部回到归属地的重要组成部分。”博尔顿本赛季在转会中输掉了前三场,在他们的比赛中仅取得了两场胜利。 前11场

But Evatt always had faith that his own methods would come good


In his career he has learned to back himself


"I"ve learned that I really have to believe in the way I want to play and to stick to it, because you do get challenging times," he says


"I had them this season, and I had them at Barrow, too


I lost six on the spin at one stage, and when we won the league we only had seven points from nine games


"When you have doubts and are asking yourself whether or not you need to change, the answer is "no"


You need to have more belief and to back yourself in what you"re doing


What we"ve seen in recent weeks is that if you get better at what you do, things will change and change quickly." As well as facing old club Barrow this season, Evatt came up against former manager Ian Holloway when Bolton met Grimsby in October - playing out a 0-0 draw

最近几周我们看到的是,如果您做得更好,事情将会发生变化并迅速发生变化。”除了本赛季面对老东家巴罗,埃瓦特在博尔顿(Bolton)与格里姆斯比(Grimsby) 十月-进行0-0平局

The pair were together at the Blackpool that made such an impression in the Premier League in the 2010/11 season, and Evatt says it was a joy to come up against one of the biggest influences of his career


"He"s a fantastic man first and foremost," he says


"And it was a pleasure to be on the sidelines with him, and after the game we shared a laugh and a beer in my office, reminiscing on some great memories we shared together


"I have so much respect for him as a manager, and as a man


What he gave to that group of players [at Blackpool] was magnificent, and he played a huge part in helping to educate me in becoming a modern-day manager


I"m eternally grateful to him for that." Evatt, like Holloway, is a promotion specialist


He has won three as a player from the Championship, League One and League Two, and one as a manager from the National League with Barrow


He, and Bolton, will be hoping that he brings some of that magic back to a club that has been craving something to celebrate for so long


"We want to get promoted," Evatt says


"That might not happen this season, but we"ll try our best and give it a good go


The main thing this club needs is stability, because there has been a lot of turmoil here recently


"We almost lost the club completely, but now it"s about stabilising again, putting in the right building blocks to get this club back to where it belongs


"Of course I"d love to be a Premier League manager, and I hope we get Bolton to that level again


That"s the aim."



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