威尔弗里德·扎哈(Wilfried Zaha):罗伊·霍奇森(Roy Hodgson)谈王牌边锋如何成为临床中心

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Tottenham boast the best defensive record in the Premier League


They"ve let in just one goal in their last six


So what chance do Crystal Palace have of breaking them down on Sunday? The 2,000 fans returning to Selhurst Park for the London derby will be looking to Wilfried Zaha for inspiration

那么,水晶宫在星期日有什么机会将它们分解? 2,000名球迷返回塞尔赫斯特公园(Selhurst Park)参加伦敦德比大赛,他们将向威尔弗里德·扎哈(Wilfried Zaha)寻求灵感

The 28-year-old is no stranger to bearing the expectations and hopes of the Palace fans


He has, after all, been their star man for much of the past decade


But there is extra reason to believe in Zaha right now


Firstly, his form is scintillating


He returned from two weeks away after a positive coronavirus test to run the show at West Brom last week, picking up from where he left off before that absence to score twice and assist another in a 5-1 thrashing of Slaven Bilic"s side, who were reduced to 10 men in the first half

上周在西布朗(West Brom)进行了阳性冠状病毒测试后,他从两周后回来,在缺席之前从他离开的地方站起来得分两次,并在5-1击败Slaven Bilic的那一方中帮助了另一人, 上半年减少到10人

But another reason to believe Zaha will be the difference maker for Palace this weekend and beyond is his adaptation to the central striking role


Zaha has made his name as a fleet-footed winger, combining skill and pace into a dribbling ability that gives defenders nightmares


But moving up top he"s also added a more clinical element to his game in the final third, as his seven goals in nine Premier League games this season demonstrates


"He"s always had the attributes to play the type of centre forward role we want him to play," Palace boss Roy Hodgson tells

宫殿老板罗伊·霍奇森(Roy Hodgson)表示:“他一直具有扮演我们希望他扮演的中锋角色的属性。”

"We"re not asking him to be a target-playing centre forward


We want him to make sure he gets on the ball alongside a colleague who will quite possibly take a lot more of that target role if needed


"But Wilf"s never really been a player who"s been totally comfortable just to stay out wide and hope the ball comes to him


He"s always wanted to get into positions where he can make certain the ball comes to him


"Even when he was playing in wider positions, as he did for us on many occasions, we were always encouraging him to go infield and look for the ball and look for opportunities to link up with other forwards


"So it"s not been a massive change in what we"re asking him to do, it"s really fairly similar


But the thing we have asked him to do, and we"ve been talking about for a long, long time but he certainly now seems to have embraced it fully is, "we need more goals and assists from you"


""The quality of football you"re capable of showing - the footwork and the wonderful things you do - sometimes, we need an end product from that"


"And this year he"s done that with a vengeance because he"s got seven goals and two assists, which is pretty good going." In fact, Zaha - who recorded four goals and three assists after appearing in every Premier League game last season - is on course for a best-ever total of goal contributions this season金建杭

“今年他以复仇的方式做到了这一点,因为他有7个进球和2个助攻,这是相当不错的。” 实际上,扎哈-上赛季参加英超联赛的每一场比赛后都记录了4个进球和3次助攻-本赛季有望取得史上最佳进球总数 金建杭

The tally of 10 goals and five assists in 2018/19 is the mark to beat but with his new role and shifted mindset, that looks well within reach金建杭

在2018/19赛季有10个进球和5个助攻的数据合算是击败的标记,但凭借他的新角色和转变的思维方式,这看起来很容易达到 金建杭

"He"s always had the ability to get away the sort of shots he"s getting away now, and occasionally he"s done it in training and occasionally not," said Hodgson


"But I think now he"s got a much bigger awareness of "I need to add goals to my game and to do that I need to make certain every time an opportunity presents itself I"ve got to take it"." Step up has been "easy" for EzePalace have also been boosted by summer signing Ebe Eze, who has stepped into Zaha"s former left-wing role seamlessly

“但是我认为现在他对"我需要在游戏中增加目标,并且要做到这一点,我需要确定每次机会出现时我都必须抓住它"的认识要大得多。” 对Eze的加油变得“容易”夏季签约Ebe Eze也促进了宫殿的发展,Eze Eze无缝地担任了Zaha的前左翼角色

The 22-year-old, who joined from Championship side QPR, has a goal and two assists to his name this season but that doesn"t tell the story of the excitement he creates when he gets on the ball


Eze, in fact, is even dribbling more than Zaha


"He"s found the step up very easy because he"s got the quality," said Hodgson, who described Eze"s display against West Brom as his best yet for Palace


"A lot of his other performances for us have been good


This one just happened to be an exceptional one where everything seemed to go so well for him and we won the game by a big margin." That win at the Hawthorns was also labelled of "vital importance with the programme we have in front of us" by the Palace boss, and, beyond this weekend"s clash with Tottenham, a midweek trip to in-form West Ham and match-up with Liverpool at Anfield follow in quick succession

这次比赛恰好是一个特别的比赛,一切对他来说似乎都很顺利,我们赢得了很大的赢家。”在霍索恩斯的那场胜利也被标记为“我们面前的程序至关重要” ”由宫廷上司领导,并且在本周末与托特纳姆热刺的冲突之后,周中进行了一次正式的西汉姆之行,并在安菲尔德与利物浦进行了比赛

It"s a daunting run but Palace have shown this season they should be respected too, with the 3-1 win at Manchester United and 4-1 victory over Leeds underlining their threat and helping them to 16 points from 11 matches, their joint-best return at this stage of a Premier League season

这是一项艰巨的任务,但皇宫本赛季也显示出他们也应受到尊重,曼联3-1击败利兹联4-1击败利兹突显了他们的威胁,并帮助他们从11场比赛中得到16分,这是他们的联合最佳成绩 在英超联赛赛季的这个阶段

It"s steady progress but Hodgson - now into his fourth season at the club - is typically cautious of getting carried away


"I think we"re consistent, which is important," he says


"The players do basically know what they"re doing, what they"re good at and what they need to keep doing to get results


Get | Live football on December PL picks: All the games on SkyPremier League table | Premier League top scorersPremier League fixtures | Premier League results"I think the squad this year, arguably, on paper, is stronger, if we can keep everybody on board

取得| 12月PL直播足球精选:SkyPremier League桌上的所有比赛| 英超联赛最佳射手|英超联赛赛程| 英超联赛结果“如果可以让所有人都参与进来,我认为今年的阵容可以说是更强大的

But the fact is it"s so tight at the moment, especially the middle of the table, the group between about sixth and seventh and 16th, there"s virtually nothing between the teams


"It"s so easy to move up or to move down, it"s a real snakes and ladders situation


You can be happy in this moment of time with your 16 points


Yeah, good, decent start, we"re happy


But you know full well in three weeks" time you could be asking me quite the opposite, "16 points from 14 games, not very good, are you worried about relegation?" "Whenever I"m asked about what we"re doing and where we are at the moment, I can"t answer it without fearing that it could change so quickly because it changes so quickly for everybody." The 2,000 fans watching Palace this Sunday for the first time in nine months are entitled to dream, though

但是您完全知道,在三周后,您可能会问我完全相反:“ 14场比赛得到16分,不是很好,您是否担心降级?” “每当我被问到我们在做什么以及我们现在在哪里时,我都不会回答它,而不必担心它会如此之快地改变,因为它对每个人来说都会如此之快。” 尽管本周日有2,000名歌迷在九个月内首次观看《皇宫》,但他们有做梦的权利

And with Zaha in his current form and relishing his new role, they can go to Selhurst Park hoping to see the unexpected

有了Zaha的当前职位并享受他的新角色,他们可以前往Selhurst Park,希望能看到意想不到的事情

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