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Gareth Southgate will take nothing for granted but nor will he be unduly concerned by England"s World Cup qualifying draw手机赢钱游戏

加雷斯·索斯盖特(Gareth Southgate)不会将一切视为理所当然,但他也不会对英格兰世界杯资格赛抽签感到过分关注 手机赢钱游戏

His England side have been pitted against Poland, Hungary, Albania, Andorra and San Marino in Group I, with the first matches to be played in March


Poland"s main man will test England"s defence and there"s one to watch among the Hungarians too, but a place at Qatar 2022 looks there for the taking


England fixtures in full Poland and Lewandowski a familiar threatEngland last faced Poland in October 2013, securing a 2-0 win at Wembley which sealed their passage to the 2014 World Cup


Wayne Rooney and Steven Gerrard were the scorers that night


Roy Hodgson preferred Chris Smalling to Phil Jones at right-back and included Rickie Lambert among the substitutes

罗伊·霍奇森(Roy Hodgson)在右后卫比克里斯·琼斯(Chris Jones)更喜欢克里斯·斯莫林(Chris Smalling),并将里基·兰伯特(Rickie Lambert)列入替补名单。

They were different times but the mission now is the same


手机赢钱游戏England have in fact faced the Poles in six different World Cup qualifying campaigns dating back to the 1970s and have only lost to them once in 19 meetings in all competitions


Their threat is a familiar one to England supporters, but they may be stronger this time around


Get PL 25m release clause in January

一月份获得PL 25m释放条款

He is also said to have attracted interest from Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and AC Milan, while Salzburg"s sister side, RB Leipzig have also been linked with a move for him

据说他也引起了皇马,马德里竞技和AC米兰的兴趣,而萨尔茨堡的姊妹球队莱比锡(RB Leipzig)也与他的举动有关。

Szoboszlai, who has three goals in 12 games for his country, will hope to use Hungary"s World Cup qualifying games to further enhance an already burgeoning reputation


His skill and flair make him one to watch for Southgate"s side as they attempt to navigate Group I as easily as many will expect them to


Southgate expects tough games The draw may look favourable to England but Southgate expects difficult games against players who will be doubly motivated to impress against them


"The nature of the draw is always seeds from different pots, so everybody will have that mix of different teams," he said after the draw


"Poland are a very good side, Hungary have just got promoted into Nations League A, so those two teams in particular are going to be games that we know will be tough


"The rest are always games, whenever I played and managed England, that are complicated to navigate


"Inevitably it will be about what we do, but some there are some exciting games


Poland at Wembley, Poland in Poland, there is a great history to that fixture and there was a spell when we seemed to draw them every time


And there"s good historic fixtures with the Hungarians as well


"Whenever England play an opponent, it"s an opportunity for them to not only play well to try and beat England but put themselves on the maps of Premier League clubs as well


There is always a lot of incentives for our opposition." World Cup qualification draw in fullGroup A: Portugal, Serbia, Republic of Ireland, Luxembourg, Azerbaijan Group B: Spain, Sweden, Greece, Georgia, Kosovo Group C: Italy, Switzerland, Northern Ireland, Bulgaria, Lithuania Group D: France, Ukraine, Finland, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kazakhstan Group E: Belgium, Wales, Czech Republic, Belarus, Estonia Group F: Denmark, Austria, Scotland, Israel, Faroe Islands, Moldova Group G: Netherlands, Turkey, Norway, Montenegro, Latvia, Gibraltar Group H: Croatia, Slovakia, Russia, Slovenia, Cyprus, Malta Group I: England, Poland, Hungary, Albania, Andorra, San Marino Group J: Germany, Romania, Iceland, North Macedonia, Armenia, Liechtenstein When will the qualifiers be played?The qualifiers will be played between March and November 2021, with play-offs scheduled for March 2022

我们的反对总是有很多诱因。”世界杯资格赛全面抽签A组:葡萄牙,塞尔维亚,爱尔兰共和国,卢森堡,阿塞拜疆B组:西班牙,瑞典,希腊,乔治亚州,科索沃C组:意大利,瑞士, 北爱尔兰,保加利亚,立陶宛D组:法国,乌克兰,芬兰,波斯尼亚和黑塞哥维那,哈萨克斯坦E组:比利时,威尔士,捷克共和国,白俄罗斯,爱沙尼亚F组:丹麦,奥地利,苏格兰,以色列,法罗群岛,摩尔多瓦G组 :荷兰,土耳其,挪威,黑山,拉脱维亚,直布罗陀H组:克罗地亚,斯洛伐克,俄罗斯,斯洛文尼亚,塞浦路斯,马耳他I组:英格兰,波兰,匈牙利,阿尔巴尼亚,安道尔,圣马力诺J组:德国,罗马尼亚,冰岛, 北马其顿,亚美尼亚,列支敦士登什么时候可以参加预选赛?预选赛将于2021年3月至11月之间进行,附加赛定于2022年3月进行

Matchday 1: March 24-25 2021Matchday 2: March 27-28 2021Matchday 3: March 30-31 2021Matchday 4: September 1-2 2021Matchday 5: September 4-5 2021Matchday 6: September 7-8 2021Matchday 7: October 8-9 2021Matchday 8: October 11-12 2021Matchday 9: November 11-13 2021Matchday 10: November 14-16 2021Play-offs: March 24, 25, 28, 29 2022

第1比赛日:2021年3月24日至25日第2比赛日:第2021年3月27-28日第3比赛日:2021年3月30-31日第4比赛日:2021年9月1-2日第5比赛日:2021年9月4-5日第6比赛日:2021年9月7-8日第7比赛日:10月8-9日 8:2021年10月11日至12日比赛日9:11月11日至13-21日比赛日10:2021年11月14日至16日附加赛:2022年3月24日,25日,28日,29日


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