布里斯托尔城1-0布莱克本流浪者:法玛拉·迪希乌(Famara Diedhiou)为罗宾斯(Robins)夺冠

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Famara Diedhiou ended Blackburn"s seven-match unbeaten run with an 82nd-minute winner as Bristol City claimed a 1-0 win at Ashton Gate

Famara Diedhiou结束了布莱克本的七场不败战役,获得了第82分钟的冠军,布里斯托尔城在阿什顿门赢得1-0的胜利

The striker had only been on the pitch for seven minutes as a substitute when he shot home on the turn after Callum O"Dowda had nodded down a Nahki Wells cross from the left

卡勒姆·奥多瓦(Callum O"Dowda)从左边打了个纳奇·威尔斯(Nahki Wells)十字架后,在转弯处射门时

It was rough justice on Rovers, who contributed much to a game full of attacking intent from both teams, but were let down by their finishing


The only surprise about a wide-open first half was that it ended goalless as both defences looked vulnerable


Bristol goalkeeper Dan Bentley had to make the first save of note after 14 minutes, diving full length to gather a low drive from Adam Armstrong at the second attempt

布里斯托尔门将丹·本特利(Dan Bentley)在14分钟后必须首先记下笔记,全程跳水以在第二次尝试中躲过亚当·阿姆斯特朗

Championship fixtures | table | highlightsGet Armstrong had a better chance moments later when breaking onto a through ball and cutting inside only to send his left-footed shot high and wide

冠军赛器材| 桌子| 稍后,当获得阿姆斯特朗突破直通球并向内切入时,他的左脚射门高而宽的机会要大一些。

Bristol were soon creating clear opportunities at the other end橄榄球比赛视频

布里斯托尔很快在另一端创造了明显的机会 橄榄球比赛视频

Antoine Semenyo fired wide after 17 minutes with a first-time effort from inside the box when he had time to take a touch

Antoine Semenyo在17分钟后的第一时间从禁区内射门,当时他有时间进行接触

Next it was O"Dowda getting in behind the visiting back-line onto an Adam Nagy shot, but his effort was wild from only eight yards and well off target

接下来是奥多达(O"Dowda)进入后场后场,打入亚当·纳吉(Adam Nagy)射门,但他的努力仅在八码外就差劲了

Rovers claimed a penalty after 27 minutes when Armstrong got the first touch as he went through on the advancing Bentley, who just did enough to halt his progress, allowing a defender to recover and clear橄榄球比赛视频

当阿姆斯特朗在前进的本特利赛车上进行第一次接触时,流浪者在27分钟后宣布了点球,后者刚刚做得足以制止他的进步,从而使后卫得以恢复并清除 橄榄球比赛视频

Semenyo, Chris Martin and Tommy Rowe all had shots for City, while Blackburn remained dangerous on the break without testing Bentley

Semenyo,Chris Martin和Tommy Rowe都为City射门,而Blackburn在休息时仍然很危险,没有测试Bentley

Rovers had the first chance of the second half, Harvey Elliott"s shot from inside the box taking two deflections before a grateful Bentley smothered the effort

流浪者下半场获得第一机会,哈维·埃利奥特(Harvey Elliott)在禁区里的射门偏出两次,而宾利则感激不尽

At the other end, Wells chose to pass when in a good shooting position and a promising City move ended with Semenyo firing over


Armstrong had a shot deflected for a corner as both teams continued to attack with menace


The Rovers top scorer was shooting on sight, without being able to find a finish


O"Dowda was left holding his head for the second time when Martin teed up a great 59th minute chance


The midfielder"s low shot was brilliantly blocked by former City defender Derrick Williams

这名中场球员的低射被前城市后卫德里克·威廉姆斯(Derrick Williams)出色地封堵。

橄榄球比赛视频Wells sent a curling effort wide and Rovers keeper Thomas Kaminski saved from O"Dowda before another strike from Armstrong flew just wide of Bentley"s goal

橄榄球比赛视频威尔斯全力以赴进行冰壶运动,流浪者门将托马斯·卡明斯基(Thomas Kaminski)从奥多瓦(O"Dowda)救出,而阿姆斯特朗(Armstrong)的另一次罢工使本特利的射门偏出

Elliott had a shot deflected wide with Bentley off his line and from the resulting corner Daniel Ayala headed wide


Wells shot wide for City from a tight angle and after Diedhiou"s goal the home side had to defend gallantly in the closing minutes


What the managers said...Bristol City"s Dean Holden: "Fam is an example to all our players

经理所说的...布里斯托尔城的迪恩·霍尔顿(Dean Holden):“家族是我们所有球员的榜样

I tell the members of the squad not in the team that they have to be ready when called upon and that it could happen at any time


That requires mental strength and Fam has shown it more than once


He scored late for us against Derby County and has done so again tonight


"All the players showed a terrific response to the defeat by Birmingham on Saturday and I couldn"t be happier with them


We kept a clean sheet against the Championship top scorers and had the clearer chances in both halves


While Blackburn had a lot of goal attempts, we limited them to very few clear openings


With better finishing we might have been ahead by the break, but in the end we have achieved a big win


We want our home form to match our performances on the road and this is a step towards that." Blackburn"s Tony Mowbray: "Adam was a bit off it tonight and that went for our finishing in general


The chances and half chances we have been creating have been ending up with the ball in the back of the net, but tonight we misfired as a team


"There were still plenty of positives


Playing back-to-back away games is particularly difficult at the moment, with the travelling involved and little time for preparation


Now we have two home games to look forward to, starting with a very tough one against Norwich City, and hopefully we can put some points on the board."



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