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The signs of his passing are everywhere


Candles, flowers, images of him on walls, scarves and shirts with the No 10 hanging from the clotheslines


From when he arrived in 1984 it is as if Diego Maradona had never gone away from Napoli and he never will


手机彩票He was a myth when he was alive and he remains a myth now


From the traditional road of San Gregorio Armeno, where every year thousands of people take to the street to buy the world-renowned nativity figures - the Maradona figure was the first non-religious figure ever created - to the old Napoli training camp, Campo Paradiso, his presence will be felt forever

从圣格雷戈里奥·阿梅诺(San Gregorio Armeno)的传统道路上,每年都有成千上万的人上街购买世界著名的耶稣诞生人物-马拉多纳(Maradona)人物是有史以来第一个创造的非宗教人物-到那不勒斯旧训练营Campo Paradiso ,他的存在将永远被感动

Diego Armando Maradona made Napoli dream and the people of Napoli will never forget this

迭戈·阿曼多·马拉多纳(Diego Armando Maradona)实现了那不勒斯的梦想,那不勒斯人民将永远不会忘记这一点

When Maradona arrived in Napoli the team had never won and the city was going through a rough moment


In 1980, a terrible earthquake had badly hit and the town was finding it hard to recover


The club winning gave hope for life in general, as football was a way of uniting a city and its hinterland


Walking into the Spanish quarters of the city in the days after his death, seeing his gigantic mural and the many, many candles on the ground together with the notes thanking him, felt like walking into a church


No-one would have been surprised seeing someone kneeling down in prayer


They called him Dio - "God" - and as such they have always treated him


Now they want to name the stadium after him


手机彩票It only feels right to have a lasting sign of his passage through the city


The usually 10-year-long Italian bureaucracy to name a public street or building might take less than a month given the exceptional circumstances


For the fans it is still too long


They already have put his name under the Curva B, the part of the stadium that was always closest to him

他们已经将他的名字命名为Curva B,这是球场中离他最近的部分

The days go by, but the procession of people paying their respects is never-ending


His home in Napoli, the stadium, the Royal Palace where a huge image of Maradona was put up the day after his death: all these places are a symbol of his presence in the city


A wreath placed by former Italy manager Bruno Conti under the famous mural in the Spanish quarter is a sign of closeness to the Napoli fans and their great loss

意大利前经理布鲁诺·孔蒂(Bruno Conti)在西班牙区著名壁画下面放了一个花圈,这表明那不勒斯球迷们亲密无间,损失惨重

Napoli-Roma will be the second match after his death, but the first Serie A match on what used to be his stage, currently still San Paolo stadium


A minute"s silence, a black armband on the left arm of the players are just some of the initiatives of the league


The song "Live is life" with the famous footage of Maradona"s warm-up routine in 1989 will be projected pre-match, and a picture of him on the big screens in the 10th minute will be the tributes that remain most in people"s minds

歌曲“ Live is life”和马拉多纳在1989年的热身活动中的著名片段将在比赛前放映,而在第10分钟的大银幕上拍摄他的照片将是人们心中最深的敬意。

Unfortunately, not being able to have fans at the stadium will take away something of what Napoli-Roma could have been; of what kind of tribute the fans could have given him


But surely the warmth of the people will still be felt as Napoli continue mourning and the long farewell to their hero, Diego Armando Maradona



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