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Diego Armando Maradona was loathed by a nation for the "Hand of God" in Mexico City but adored by the world for his moment of genius just four minutes later

迭戈·阿曼多·马拉多纳(Diego Armando Maradona)在墨西哥城因“上帝之手”而被一个国家所憎恶,但仅仅四分钟后,他就因天才而受到全世界的崇拜

The combustible Argentine, who has died at the age of 60, was without doubt one of the greatest football players in history


Maradona - a fiery, indomitable personality, a man so drastically different in his world view from Brazil"s beloved Pele - was an unstoppable force on his course to reaching the very top of the game


But, after winning the World Cup in 1986, his fall from grace was swift, bizarre and, like the man himself, totally unpredictable


金色资源Born on October 30, 1960, the son of a boatman from Villa Fiorito, Buenos Aires, he kicked off his prolific career with Argentinos Juniors" youth team, "Los Cebollitas"

金色资源他生于1960年10月30日,是布宜诺斯艾利斯维拉菲奥里托(Villa Fiorito)船夫的儿子,他在阿根廷少年青年队“洛斯·塞博利塔斯”(Los Cebollitas)开始了自己的多产职业生涯

And he soon started planning what would be his immortalising performance at the Azteca, in the 1986 World Cup quarter-final win over England


In his autobiography, Maradona gloated about first getting away with the "Hand of God" - "You"re trying to reach the ball and the hand moves independently," he wrote - in the early 70s


Later in the decade a referee warned him not to try it again, but the ever-rebellious "Pibe de Oro", or Golden Boy, who had 100 goals under his belt by the age of 19, could not make that promise

在这十年的后期,裁判警告他不要再尝试了,但是到19岁时已经叛逆了100个进球的永远叛逆的“ Pibe de Oro”(金童)

Maradona dies aged 60: ReactionDiego Maradona: In picturesHe tried over and over to pull off what would become his famous second goal: with Argentinos, then at Boca Juniors after manipulating their city rivals River Plate to get a better deal at La Bombonera, and then repeatedly with Argentina

马拉多纳去世,享年60岁:反应迭戈·马拉多纳(Diego Maradona):在照片中他一遍又一遍地尝试着实现他的第二个著名目标:与阿根廷人一起,然后在博卡青年队(Boca Juniors)操纵他们的城市对手河床队(River Plate)在拉·邦博纳(La Bombonera)获得更好的交易,然后多次与阿根廷

金色资源When the weaving, inventive and lethal number 10 played at Wembley in May 1980, Ray Clemence stood firm after Maradona had dribbled past the entire England defence with his sights trained on goal

金色资源1980年5月,编织,有创造力和致命的10号在温布利踢球时,雷·克莱门斯(Ray Clemence)在马拉多纳(Maradona)运球绕过整个英格兰后防线而目击训练后站稳了脚跟

Recalling how his little brother Hugo had later pulled him up on his mistake of blasting wide, Maradona said: "At the World Cup in Mexico I remembered his advice." Spurred on by the "bronca" - his own made-up word for angry resentment - caused by his omission from the 1978 squad and Argentina"s limp showing in Spain in 1982, Maradona was a man possessed in Mexico


At 25 he was the Argentina captain after replacing Daniel Passarella, who left mid-tournament officially due to illness and partly because he lost a battle of wills with his successor as skipper

25岁时,他接替了丹尼尔·帕萨雷拉(Daniel Passarella),成为阿根廷队长。丹尼尔·帕萨雷拉由于生病而正式退出了中途锦标赛,部分原因是他与继任者成为队长,在遗嘱战中败北

Maradona inspired the team to wins over South Korea, Bulgaria and Uruguay to set up a capital clash against England, with the recent bloodshed of the Falklands War adding an extra layer of tension


In the 51st minute Steve Hodge"s poor attempt to deny Jorge Valdano saw the ball loop up to Maradona, who used his left fist to send it beyond the six-foot-one-inch Peter Shilton, finding the open goal

在第51分钟,史蒂夫·霍奇(Steve Hodge)试图拒绝豪尔赫·瓦尔达诺(Jorge Valdano)的糟糕尝试看到球传到了马拉多纳(Maradona),马拉多纳用左拳将球传到了身高6英尺1英寸的彼得·希尔顿(Peter Shilton)之外,找到了空位

"(Terry) Fenwick was the first one to appeal for a handball


金色资源Not because he"d seen it but because he could not understand how I could have jumped higher than the "keeper," said Maradona


"At the time I called it the "Hand of God"


B******s was it the hand of God, it was the hand of Diego!" Despite the desperate cries of injustice and dismay at the time, Terry Butcher would hail Maradona"s utter brilliance in fooling England

B ****** s是上帝的手,这是迭戈的手!”尽管当时不公正和沮丧的情况令人绝望,但特里·布彻(Terry Butcher)还是要在马拉多纳愚弄英格兰时欢呼雀跃。

"I just couldn"t get near him - all I ever saw was his number 10," said the former number six


"He had a low centre of gravity that shielded the ball


He also had a great leap for such a small man." No one could argue with the genius of the winner


"It seems like a goal that you could dream of but never actually score


Now it"s become a legend," said Maradona about the breathtaking individual effort that left England reeling and everyone else drooling


After bursting between Peter Beardsley and Peter Reid, Maradona shimmied past Butcher, dummied a pass to Valdano that fooled Fenwick and, with Shilton racing out, rounded the "keeper before steering home the "goal of his life"

在彼得·比尔兹德利(Peter Beardsley)和彼得·里德(Peter Reid)之间爆炸后,马拉多纳(Maradona)越过了屠夫(Butcher),傻笑了一张通向瓦尔达诺(Vardano)的通行证,这愚弄了芬威克(Fenwick)。

Gary Lineker, who scored England"s consolation in that quarter-final defeat, said of the diminutive forward"s masterstroke: "The second goal that Maradona scored in Mexico was the best goal ever

加里·莱恩克(Gary Lineker)在八分之一决赛中击败英格兰获得了安慰,他谈到了这位身材矮小的前锋的绝招:“马拉多纳在墨西哥进球的第二个进球是有史以来最好的进球

"That was the first time in my career that I almost applauded on the pitch something the opposition had done because it was a really good goal." Maradona would captain Argentina to another World Cup final in 1990, but injuries hampered his own performances and he wept on television after West Germany deposed his countrymen in Rome金色资源


Down the road in Naples he was already a working-class hero, the firebrand who had transformed an average second-division Napoli side into the two-time champions of Italy by 1990


The titles were "for the people, for the workers", and Maradona took great pleasure in trumping the genteel Michel Platini of star-studded Juventus


Maradona"s Napoli adventure rememberedMaradona at Sevilla: The forgotten seasonBut Maradona"s personal demons - a cocaine problem, tax issues and alleged ties to crime syndicates - saw him tumble into disgrace and he was kicked out of the 1994 World Cup after a positive drugs test, his international career ending after 91 caps and 34 goals金色资源


Months before he had fired an air gun at reporters, an action for which he received a suspended jail sentence and, despite a ceremonial return to Boca, by 1995 his playing career was all but over


Soon ballooning in weight and marking his every public appearance with stranger and stranger behaviour, he surprisingly chose Fidel Castro"s Cuba as the retreat where we would kick his many habits


He was, for many, a shock appointment as Argentina coach in 2008 but, despite a confrontational approach to media duties, he led the nation to the quarter-finals of the World Cup in South Africa, stepping down after their heavy 4-0 defeat to Germany


A number of short-lived managerial stints in the Middle East and South America followed


Maradona is survived by his daughters Dalma and Gianinna, who was previously married to Sergio Aguero, son Diego and ex-wife Claudia Villafane

马拉多纳的女儿达尔玛(Dalma)和贾宁娜(Gianinna)得以幸存,后者此前已与塞尔吉奥·阿奎罗(Sergio Aguero),儿子迭戈(Diego)和前妻克劳迪娅·维拉凡(Claudia Villafane)结婚。


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