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With unprecedented restrictions around matches and restructuring of football"s calendar, this is a season like no other


And on the pitch, that means anything is possible


It seems foolish to think we can still be surprised by anything in the Premier League, just four and a half years on from Leicester defying those odds of 5,000/1 to win the title

认为我们仍然会对英超联赛中的任何事情感到惊讶是愚蠢的,距离莱切斯特队只有四年半的时间,他们以5,000 / 1的赔率赢得冠军

Yet what we have seen in the early weeks of this new season defies belief - and makes supporters dream of what could unfold in the months to come


For football to continue amid the coronavirus pandemic, the game has had to make major sacrifices - from preventing fans from watching in stadiums to condensing fixture schedules to fit all the matches in, after delays caused by lockdown友博国际


Those changes, it seems, are having an impact on the field


How else do we explain Liverpool"s brilliant and ominous start to their title defence halted by a 7-2 thrashing against an Aston Villa side who barely stayed in the division just a few weeks ago? Or Pep Guardiola"s Manchester City being hammered 5-2 on their own patch by a Leicester team who, a week later, lose 3-0 at home to West Ham


The same West Ham, who escaped relegation themselves, were largely frustrated in the transfer window, and had their manager working from home due to testing positive for coronavirus? How do you explain "Silly Sunday"? Download the Pitch to Post Podcast on Apple | Spotify How about Tottenham"s stunning 6-1 win at Manchester United? Who could have imagined that wouldn"t be the standout result of Super Sunday - Shocking Sunday - when the final whistle blew on United"s joint-heaviest defeat in Premier League history? Heung-Min Son and Harry Kane were combining once more in that one, just as they did on four occasions when they fought back from an awful first 40 minutes at Southampton to win 5-2

逃避降级的同一位西汉姆在转会窗口中大失所望,由于冠状病毒检测呈阳性,他们的经理是否在家工作?您如何解释“周日傻”?下载Pitch以在Apple上发布播客| Spotify托特纳姆热刺在曼联队以6-1的惊人战绩如何?谁能想到,这不是超级星期日-令人震惊的星期日-当曼联队在英超联赛历史上最重的联合失利的最后一声响起时的出色结果吗? Heung-Min Son和Harry Kane在那一次中又一次合并,就像他们在南安普敦从糟糕的前40分钟进行反击以4-2赢得四次比赛一样

Speaking of comebacks, we"ve also seen Chelsea give West Brom a three-goal headstart and still leave the Hawthorns with a point


When Brighton can hit the woodwork five times and concede the winning goal after the final whistle has blown, Newcastle can score with each of their first four shots on target (spread across four games), or Leeds can finish their first games back in the Premier League in 16 years 4-3 down and 4-3 up, nothing can be ruled out


A reduced pre-season has shorn players of their usual conditioning


It"s also denied managers time to drill systems and patterns of play, and bed in new signings


Frank Lampard has said his side are still in pre-season in these early weeks of the campaign - but instead of friendlies, each match is for Premier League points or progress in the cups

弗兰克·兰帕德(Frank Lampard)表示,在竞选初期的几周里,他的球队仍处于赛季前-但是每场比赛不是为了友善,而是为了获得英超联赛积分或杯赛进步

Jurgen Klopp pointed out he will have just two days on the training pitch with his players after the international break before facing Everton

尤尔根·克洛普(Jurgen Klopp)指出,国际长途休息后,在面对埃弗顿之前,他将与球员在训练场上只有两天的时间

Without that six-week period of intensive fitness work, players are also vulnerable to fatigue友博国际


That"s magnified when the condensed schedule for this season demands them to play every few days友博国际


Fatigue can lead to mistakes, it can lead to injuries, and it can affect how a team presses their opposition - a reason given for Liverpool"s high line being broken by Villa


But then it"s not always as straight forward as that


A rapid rhythm of games can also hone connections and form


Just ask Spurs" players, who rounded off four games in eight days by scoring six at Old Trafford..


after netting seven in the Europa League on Thursday


The structure of this season may not be ideal for players and managers - but for supporters, it opens the door to so many possibilities..


surprise results, surprise league placings


How many more goals records will fall? Get Brilliant Villa hit seven to demolish LiverpoolSpurs score six as shambolic United implodePremier League table | Fixtures | Live on SkyHow far does it extend? That is the key question

还有多少个目标记录会下降?出色的曼联爆满,让辉煌别墅队(Brilliant Villa)命中七分以摧毁利物浦马刺(LiverpoolSpurs)得分六治具|在天空上直播它能延伸多远?这是关键问题

Will this drama ease as players get up to speed, build fitness and develop familiarity with their systems over the months ahead? Will that favour the strongest sides and hand them back their advantage? Will Liverpool reclaim a stranglehold on the title race, and rack up another long unbeaten run? Or will the new-found confidence of these early-season upsets build belief that shock results can happen on any given matchday in this unpredictable Premier League and inspire the lesser lights? Could a table-topping Everton - invigorated by the arrival of star man James Rodriguez - turn this into more than just a strong start? What impact will Gareth Bale"s arrival have at Spurs? How far could Villa"s momentum take them? Could we be on for a shock Premier League winner? Or, at least, a fresh name breaking into the European places so often claimed by the established elite? In the cups, could the biggest teams, stretched by the calendar, pave the way for unlikely trophy-lifters? It will be intriguing to watch it play out

在接下来的几个月中,随着玩家加快速度,锻炼身体并发展对系统的熟悉程度,这部戏会变得轻松吗?这会有利于最强的一方并让他们退回优势吗?利物浦会在冠军争夺战中夺回一席之地,并再次保持长期不败吗?还是这些新的对赛季初失误的信心会建立这样的信念:在这个不可预测的英超联赛中,任何给定的比赛日都可能发生令人震惊的结果,并激发出较小的光芒?一流的埃弗顿(Everton)能否在明星球员詹姆斯·罗德里格斯(James Rodriguez)的到来振奋下,将其转变成不仅仅是一个好的开始? Gareth Bale的到来会对马刺产生什么影响?维拉的势头能带走他们多远?我们可以继续寻求震惊的英超冠军吗?还是至少有一个新名字闯入了欧洲精英人士经常宣称的欧洲位置?在杯赛中,最大的队伍能否在日历上伸展,为不太可能的奖杯选手铺平道路?观看比赛会很有趣

But Leicester"s lesson of 2014/15 is that anything can happen - especially in this strangest of seasons


Carra: Less dominant champions bodes well for Premier LeagueMan City lost just two games in their 2017/18 title win


友博国际Two years later, Liverpool lost just three times as they clinched the Premier League crown


Both teams have been defeated already this season


pundit Jamie Carragher says, while those teams achieved incredible feats by winning those leagues in such dominant fashion, more defeats for the eventual winner makes for a more entertaining season..

权威学者杰米·卡拉格(Jamie Carragher)表示,尽管这些球队以如此占优势的方式赢得了联赛冠军,却取得了令人难以置信的壮举,而最终冠军的更多失败则使整个赛季变得更加有趣。

"I want the Premier League to be a bit more like this," he said


"When we talk about winning 100 points to win a league, it is an amazing achievement for the club that does it but it takes something away from the Premier League


"I would like to see the champions getting, maybe, mid-80s


It just means they lose more games, there is more excitement, the teams finishing third, fourth, fifth and sixth aren"t too far away


"If you think of Liverpool and Manchester City, they were winning the league losing one or two games


We may be going back to the champions losing five or six games


"I do think this season could be unique


There is no pre-season


It is a condensed league


友博国际There is no time for coaches on the training pitch to iron out defensive frailties


We might get a Leicester


We might get a strange top four


I just think that bodes well for the Premier League."



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