威尔士0-0美国:罗伯特·佩奇(Robert Page)在斯旺西(Swansea)掌管威尔士无目标

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Wales were held to a goalless draw in the absence of manager Ryan Giggs as the United States shared the honours in a Swansea friendly


There was plenty of youthful vigour on show and no little intensity, but neither side carried a cutting edge to break the deadlock


Robert Page, a former Wales captain, was in temporary charge of the Dragons with Giggs, having denied an allegation of assault made against him, not involved at the Liberty Stadium

前威尔士队长罗伯特·佩奇(Robert Page)暂时与吉格斯(Giggs)一起负责龙队,否认了对他的殴打指控,但并未涉足自由体育场

The United States players had pledged to take an anti-racism stand ahead of their first game since the death of George Floyd, a black man from Minneapolis, at the hands of police officers in May

自五月份来自明尼阿波利斯的黑人乔治·弗洛伊德(George Floyd)死于警官之手以来,美国球员就保证在他们的第一场比赛之前采取反种族主义立场。

USA send anti-racism message in Wales friendlyHow the teams lined up | Match statsGet The squad emerged from the tunnel with "End Police Brutality", "Be Anti-Racist" and "World Peace" just some of the slogans emblazoned on the back of their training tops


Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho had expressed concern over Gareth Bale"s workload during the international break, while highlighting the presence of Arsenal coach Albert Stuivenberg in the Wales set-up and a possible conflict of interest


But Bale was absent from Wales" 23-man squad as Chris Gunter won his 98th cap and captained a side showing nine changes from last month"s Nations League win in Bulgaria

但是在克里斯·冈特(Chris Gunter)赢得第98盖帽并担任队长的情况下,鲍尔不在威尔士的23人阵容中

The USA - ranked two places below Wales at 22 in the FIFA world rankings - had not played since February and named a team with seven players aged 23 and under


Teenagers Giovanni Reyna and Yunus Musah, both eligible to play for England, were handed debuts in a side that included Manchester City goalkeeper Zack Steffen, who wore the captain"s armband, and Fulham defender Antonee Robinson

符合资格参加英格兰比赛的青少年乔瓦尼·雷纳(Giovanni Reyna)和尤努斯·穆萨(Yunus Musah)在首发前身,其中包括戴着队长袖标的曼城守门员扎克·斯特芬(Zack Steffen)和富勒姆后卫安东妮·罗宾逊(Antonte Robinson)

Midfielder Reyna, the son of former Manchester City, Rangers and Sunderland player Claudio, started after some sparkling form for Borussia Dortmund and stepped into the international arena a day before his 18th birthday

中场球员雷纳(Ryna)是前曼彻斯特城,游骑兵和桑德兰球员克劳迪奥(Claudio)的儿子,在多特蒙德(Borussia Dortmund)取得一些辉煌的表现之后就开始了比赛,并在他18岁生日前一天进入国际舞台

ladbrokesThe two nations had only met once previously, a 2003 friendly in San Jose which the USA won 2-0, and this contest marked Wales" return to Swansea for the first time since 2013


ladbrokesThe USA started in positive fashion with the gloved Reyna prominent, but Kieffer Moore"s aerial ability was a distinct threat for Wales and the Cardiff striker held up the ball impressively

ladbrokes美国以戴手套的雷纳(Ryna)出色的表现开始了积极的进攻,但是基弗·摩尔(Kieffer Moore)的空中能力对威尔士构成了明显的威胁,加的夫前锋令人印象深刻

Rabbi Matondo"s pace also provided Wales with an attacking outlet and it took two American defenders to stop a rapid home break

拉比·马通多(Rabbi Matondo)的步伐也为威尔士提供了进攻的通道,并且两名美国后卫阻止了快速的本垒打

Neither goalkeeper was troubled in the opening half-hour before the contest suddenly opened up


Danny Ward gathered Sergino Dest"s low cross-shot in his six-yard box and then launched a counter-attack which saw Moore set up Tom Lawrence to force a save from Steffen

丹尼·沃德(Danny Ward)将塞尔吉诺·德斯特(Sergino Dest)的低位横梁放在他的6码箱子中,然后发起反击,穆尔成立了汤姆·劳伦斯(Tom Lawrence)迫使斯特芬(Steffen)扑救

Ward was grateful to Konrad De La Fuente firing over from eight yards and breathed another sigh of relief when Sebastian Lletget"s clever flick was blocked by James Lawrence at the near post

沃德感谢康拉德·德拉·富恩特(Konrad De La Fuente)从八码开火,当塞巴斯蒂安·勒莱格特(Sebastian Lletget)的巧妙挥动在附近哨所被詹姆斯·劳伦斯(James Lawrence)阻挡时,他再次松了一口气。

Lletget, the only America-based player in the USA squad, forced a stop from Ward at the start of the second half after Newport midfielder Josh Sheehan had replaced Matthew Smith to win his first Wales cap

Lletget是美国队中唯一在美国的球员,在纽波特中场球员乔希·希恩(Josh Sheehan)取代马修·史密斯(Matthew Smith)赢得他的第一个威尔士盖帽之后,下半场开始就强迫沃德停下来

Brennan Johnson was also sent on for his debut and almost scored with his first touch after fellow substitute Daniel James had intercepted a USA pass, the Lincoln forward denied by a fine Steffen save

布伦南·约翰逊(Brennan Johnson)也因他的处子秀而出场,并且在替补球员丹尼尔·詹姆斯(Daniel James)拦截了美国通行证后几乎就获得了第一分

But it was the last meaningful moment of action as Wales protected their two-year unbeaten home record before Nations League ties against the Republic of Ireland and Finland in Cardiff


What"s next?Wales host Republic of Ireland in the UEFA Nations League on Sunday, live on Football; kick-off 5pm


They then host Finland on November 18 at 7.45pm, live on Premier League



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