格雷格·克拉克(Greg Clarke)辞职:戴维·伯恩斯坦(David Bernstein)怀疑英足总入围名单是否会

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Former FA chairman David Bernstein has told News he does not have total confidence the shortlist for Greg Clarke"s replacement will be diverse and inclusive

前足总主席戴维·伯恩斯坦(David Bernstein)告诉《新闻》,他对格雷格·克拉克(Greg Clarke)的接任人选充满信心

Clarke resigned as FA chairman on Tuesday after he referred to black footballers as "coloured" while giving evidence to a parliamentary inquiry


He apologised and accepted his remarks were "unacceptable." Bernstein, who was FA Chair from 2011 to 2013, has called on an independent regulator to implement sweeping reforms at the governing body of English football


When asked if he was confident the shortlist for Clarke"s successor will be diverse and inclusive, Bernstein replied: "Not total confidence, no


They must be in shock following what"s happened so there will be an awareness of what needs to be done


But the FA is an organisation very resistant to change


"The FA Council is still not representative of this country as it is in 2020

“ FA理事会仍然无法代表该国,因为它在2020年

In a way, if that isn"t right, if the structure and independence of the FA is not strong enough, these issues are much more difficult to deal with and the problems we had yesterday are more likely to occur


It may be that they are learning from this


"They have to take diversity on board, and I don"t doubt that they will


But the point I"m making is that, whoever gets that position is set up to fail, in my view, with the structure that they have to deal with制裁菲律宾


We need to get the structure and the organisation sorted out to help a progressive Chair of the FA do what needs to be done


制裁菲律宾"A fish rots from the head


If the head of the organisation is not modernised and up-to-date and forward-thinking, then these sorts of things will happen, inevitably." Bernstein concedes the shortlist for his appointment, in 2011, "would not be very acceptable now." "It was done in a professional way," he says


"They used head-hunters


I was interviewed in some detail


It was a very thorough interview


制裁菲律宾I can"t disclose who else was on the shortlist, but I know who it was, and they were all of a similar sort of background


That"s something that would not be, I don"t think, very acceptable now


制裁菲律宾For that time, probably, it was a reasonable process, but what"s reasonable then is not reasonable now


"When they go for it this time, they certainly need at least to have a shortlist which does have some diversity on it


I"m a great believer you have to appoint on merit and the strongest person, the strongest candidate, who needs to be a modern person, someone of independent thinking, and so on


The shortlist needs to have diversity within it, so that the final selection is a real choice with people of different backgrounds available for choice." Greg Clarke resigns as FA chairmanBeing black in football: Past, present and futureTyrone Mings backs Leadership Diversity CodeBernstein describes Clarke"s remarks as "extraordinary" and "highly inappropriate"

入围名单必须具有多样性,这样最终的选择才是真正的选择,可以有不同背景的人可供选择。”格雷格·克拉克(Greg Clarke)辞去足总主席的职务。评论为“非常”和“非常不适当”

"It"s pretty extraordinary what has happened


What he said was highly inappropriate


I don"t think, in the end, he had very much alternative but to resign


Clearly, he had lost the confidence of his colleagues on the board


I think he had to go," he says


"When you"re chairing the FA, you should just be wired against making statements like that


You should just be wired against making statements like that


It should be virtually impossible


It"s surprising he should even think in those sorts of terms." Last month, Bernstein announced proposed reforms in English football, with leading figures including Gary Neville and Andy Burnham


"We need to appoint an independent regulator, supported by parliament, with the power behind them, to force through a range of changes," Bernstein told News


"We need to do it now


The game is in crisis, even before yesterday


"I have a lot of sympathy for the employees of the FA


There are some really good people there


I know how frustrated they are, or they were when I was there, at the structure we"re talking about


If they had a free voice in this, they would vote overwhelmingly to make these changes


A lot of work has been done but it gets undermined, constantly, by incidents, very serious incidents, liked we had yesterday." Bernstein has defended his own record as FA chairman


"When I was at the FA, diversity was top of my agenda," he says


"I was asked by the Prime Minister, David Cameron, to lead a review of diversity and of racism in football


I managed to get the whole of football to sign off a report with 100 recommendations, of which a lot were implemented


I got the first female director of the FA, Heather Rabbatts, who"s from a diverse background, believe me that wasn"t easy." Clarke resigns: Is this an opportunity for the FA? News Chief Reporter Bryan Swanson analyses whether this is an opportunity for the FA to make a diverse and inclusive appointment

我得到了足总的第一位女导演希瑟·拉巴特(Heather Rabbatts),她来自不同的背景,相信我并不容易。”克拉克辞职:这对足总来说是一个机会吗?新闻首席记者布莱恩·斯旺森(Bryan Swanson)分析这是否是一个机会让FA进行多元化和包容的任命

Greg Clarke"s sudden resignation from the Football Association comes during a global crisis

格雷格·克拉克(Greg Clarke)从足协突然辞职是在全球危机期间

In the midst of a deadly pandemic, with the game losing 100m per month, the FA needs stable leadership more than ever


Clarke told News he will "move back to the business world" and has remarked on his deep appreciation for the "great people I"ve worked with", but he will remain in his post as one of the most powerful officials in world football until February


Clarke"s resignation as a FIFA vice-president, on the all-ruling FIFA Council, has been delayed, he says, to protect UEFA"s voting rights until a replacement is appointed at a meeting in three months" time


But what is the FA"s long-term ambition for one of the game"s most influential positions?



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