格雷格·克拉克(Greg Clarke)辞职:这对英足联来说是一个机会吗?

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Greg Clarke"s sudden resignation from the Football Association comes during a global crisis

格雷格·克拉克(Greg Clarke)从足协突然辞职是在全球危机期间

On Tuesday, Clarke apologised and resigned as FA chairman in the wake of referring to BAME footballers as "coloured" while giving evidence to MPs


Clarke used the phrase when answering a question around the difficulty of gay players in the men"s game coming out because of social media backlash during a Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee meeting on Tuesday


In the midst of a deadly pandemic, with the game losing 100m per month, the FA needs stable leadership more than ever


Clarke told News he will "move back to the business world" and has remarked on his deep appreciation for the "great people I"ve worked with", but he will remain in his post as one of the most powerful officials in world football until February


Clarke"s resignation as a FIFA vice-president, on the all-ruling FIFA Council, has been delayed, he says, to protect UEFA"s voting rights until a replacement is appointed at a meeting in three months" time


The governing body of English football has the final say on the game


From its "special share" in the Premier League to grassroots and everything in between


Clarke has spoken highly of the "excellent" executive leadership led by Mark Bullingham, the FA"s chief executive, and in the short term, the role of FA Chair is in the experienced hands of Peter McCormick

克拉克高度评价了英足联首席执行官马克•布林汉姆(Mark Bullingham)领导的“出色”行政领导,短期而言,英联邦主席麦可密克(Peter McCormick)经验丰富

The new interim chair, a solicitor, has been on the FA Board since 2015 and he was acting chairman of the Premier League for 15 months after the sudden illness of Anthony Fry

新的临时主席是一名律师,自2015年以来一直担任FA董事会成员,在Anthony Fry突然生病之后,他担任英超联赛主席已有15个月了

McCormick chairs tribunals and appeals for the Premier League, FA and PGMOL - the body in charge of match officials - and he was awarded an OBE for services to charity earlier this year


But what is the FA"s long-term ambition for one of the game"s most influential positions? Greg Clarke resigns as FA chairmanBeing black in football: Past, present and futureTyrone Mings backs Leadership Diversity Code The FA Board, which includes EFL Chair Rick Parry, will identify and appoint "in due course." Actions will speak louder than any words on a slick PowerPoint presentation

但是英足总对这个游戏中最具影响力的职位之一的长期抱负是什么?格雷格·克拉克(Greg Clarke)辞去英足总董事长职务:在足球界陷入黑潮:过去,现在和未来泰隆·明斯(Tyrone Mings)支持领导力多元化守则英足联主席,包括EFL主席里克·帕里(Rick Parry),将在“适当时候”确定并任命。动作将胜过光滑的PowerPoint演示文稿上的任何单词

In October, the FA launched its new Football Leadership Diversity Code "to drive diversity and inclusion across English football"


In the FA"s own words, "the aim is to move away from recruitment practises focused on personal networks"


From Bert Millichip in 1981, Keith Wiseman, Geoff Thompson, Lord Triesman, David Bernstein, Greg Dyke and Greg Clarke, the position of FA Chair has traditionally been held by white, middle-aged, men

从1981年的伯特·米利奇(Bert Millichip),基思·怀斯曼,杰夫·汤普森,特里斯曼勋爵,大卫·伯恩斯坦,格雷格·戴克和格雷格·克拉克开始,FA主席的职位传统上由白人,中年男子担任

By the end of 2020, is this an unexpected opportunity to make a more diverse and inclusive appointment in a position of power and authority? The FA"s Diversity Code says hiring "will be based on merit, to find the best person for the job from diverse talent pipelines"


A key question - will the shortlist for Clarke"s top job reflect, and represent, wider society? Kick It Out: Clarke resignation "the only possible outcome" Kick It Out chair Sanjay Bhandari felt Clarke"s comments had been "staggering" and welcomed the swift action taken by the FA

一个关键问题-克拉克(Clarke)最高职位的入围者会反映并代表更广泛的社会吗?踢出去:克拉克辞职是“唯一可能的结果”踢出去主席桑杰·班达里(Sanjay Bhandari)感到克拉克的言论“令人“舌”,并欢迎英足联迅速采取行动

He told News: "We are not just talking about anybody here, we are talking about the leader of our national game on a really major strategic issue for the FA, which is driving greater diversity and inclusion, making everyone feel they belong in the game


"These were archaic attitudes which were really revealing themselves in comment after comment - a well-briefed chair or CEO would know exactly how to navigate that


"It is not as if this is the first time, there have been previous incidents - like referring to institutional racism as "fluff"


"What it shows is there is an attitude underlying which is really not the right attitude to be leading the English game." Mings: No shame in admitting we have a very long way to go Aston Villa defender Tyrone Mings was asked to comment on reports Clarke was set to quit, which were later confirmed by the FA, while speaking at an England news conference

“这表明存在一种态度,这实际上不是领导英语游戏的正确态度。” Mings:承认我们还有很长的路要走,这并不丢人,Aston Villa的后卫Tyrone Mings被要求对克拉克即将辞职的报道发表评论,后来被英足总证实,当时他在英格兰新闻发布会上发表讲话。

The defender said: "I will reiterate my point that we do still have a very, very long way to go, and there is no shame in that


"There is no shame in knowing we can all improve, there is no shame in knowing we all have to have uncomfortable conversations, because whilst it does not affect large proportions of society or the community, it does affect some segments of it


"Football is such a diverse community that we have to be aware of what is appropriate for one another and we have to be careful and mindful of the terminology which we use哈哈官网


"I won"t comment too much on that, but I am sure there will be other people around the country who are angry as well."



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