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Eddie Nketiah, Joe Willock and Nicolas Pepe scored within six minutes either side of half-time to give Arsenal a 3-0 win over Dundalk

埃迪·尼基亚(Eddie Nketiah),乔·威洛克(Joe Willock)和尼古拉斯·佩佩(Nicolas Pepe)在半场结束时的六分钟内得分

The Gunners took more than half an hour to test veteran goalkeeper Gary Rogers as their predictable play proved too easy for the visitors to defend, as the League of Ireland champions looked likely to hold their hosts to a scoreless draw at the break

枪手用了半个多小时来测试经验丰富的守门员加里·金山2006(Gary Rogers),因为他们可预测的比赛对游客来说太容易防守了,因为爱尔兰联赛冠军看上去很可能在休息时将他们的东道主无记名分

But the 39-year-old handed them an opener three minutes before the interval when missing Reiss Nelson"s corner and allowing Nketiah a simple tap-in from close range, before Willock beat him with a rising finish moments before the break to put Arsenal in full control


How the teams lined up | Match statsEuropa League news | Fixtures | TablesLive Premier League games on Get Pepe"s stunning third less than a minute after the restart killed the game as a contest but Mikel Arteta, who lamented his side"s finishing ahead of the game, may have been left frustrated to see his side dominate possession and territory but muster only six shots on target across the 90 minutes - and fail to test Rogers for the rest of the second period en route to victory

队伍如何排列比赛统计数据欧洲联赛新闻|治具| TablesLive英超联赛比赛在重新开始后不到一分钟的时间内获得了Pepe令人惊叹的三分之一,但这场比赛使比赛丧生,但为自己的一面在比赛前占据优势而哀叹的Mikel Arteta可能会感到沮丧,在整个90分钟内,他只向目标投了6球-未能在第二阶段的其余时间测试金山2006,以取得胜利

Scoreline puts a shine on unconvincing ArsenalDundalk offered Arsenal an early warning sign in the Gunners" first competitive game against Irish opposition as Patrick McEleney forced debutant Runar Runarsson into an early save three minutes in, and while Arteta"s side enjoyed the lion"s share of the play from that moment on, they lacked penetration with it

得分线让令人信服的Arsenal闪耀Dundalk在枪手针对爱尔兰反对派的首场竞技比赛中为阿森纳提供了预警信号,因为Patrick McEleney在三分钟之内将初次登场的Runar Runarsson送入了抢先的位置,而Arteta的球队则从中受益匪浅那一刻,他们缺乏穿透力

Runarsson"s opposite number Rogers waited 34 minutes to make his first save of the night to tip Sead Kolasinac"s header over for a corner, but within 10 minutes would have shipped twice to put Arsenal in full control

卢纳森的对面号码金山2006(Rogers)等待了34分钟,为他的第一场救球晚上向西德·科拉辛纳克(Sead Kolasinac)的头球倾斜了一个角,但在10分钟之内要运送两次,以使阿森纳处于完全控制状态

The 39-year-old played his own part in the opener, coming for and totally missing Nelson"s corner and allowing Nketiah a tap-in into an empty net, moments after the forward had fired wide from close range when given little time to react to another corner deflected into his path


Dundalk had barely restarted by the time Rogers was picking the ball out of his net again, with some fluid movement from the hosts seeing Nketiah find Pepe in the middle, before Willock fired above Rogers


Filippo Giovagnoli had not brought his Dundalk side to make up the numbers and made a change at the break, but within a minute of the restart saw his hopes of an unlikely comeback extinguished

菲利波·乔瓦格诺利(Filippo Giovagnoli)并没有带他的邓多克(Dundalk)队弥补数字并在休息时做出了改变,但是在重新开始的一分钟内,他看到了不太可能卷土重来的希望

Arsenal re-emerged looking like a side on the end of a firm talking to from Arteta after a lacklustre first 45 minutes and a quick move between Willock and Pepe on the edge of the box gave the latter space to fire past Rogers with a peach of a strike on his right


That third goal took the sting out of the tie and Arsenal rarely looked like adding a fourth, even as they continued to dominate possession and territory


Nketiah failed to connect with a Willock centre and fired well over from Willock"s pull-back before substitute Kieran Tierney did likewise from a tight angle, while Nelson"s drive whistled past Rogers" far post late on

Nketiah未能与Willock的中锋联系,并从Willock的后撤发动了良好的进攻,然后替补人Kieran Tierney也从一个狭窄的角度出发,而Nelson的驾驶声却迟到了Rogers的远处。

But the Gunners had already done their job, and moved within touching distance of the knock-out stages at a canter, with six points secured from their opening two games


What"s next?Arsenal travel to Manchester United live on Super Sunday on Premier League from 4pm; Kick-off at 4.30pm


Dundalk travel to St Pat"s Athletic on Sunday, hoping to claw back some ground on second-placed Bohemians in the Irish Premiership; Kick-off at 5.45pm



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