黑人历史月:梅森·霍尔盖特(Mason Holgate)突出了可见榜样的重要性

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Everton defender Mason Holgate says visible role models were key in his journey to becoming a Premier League footballer, and he is now determined to set that example for future generations

埃弗顿后卫梅森·霍尔盖特(Mason Holgate)说,榜样是他成为英超足球运动员的关键,现在,他决心为后代树立榜样

Holgate has been working with anti-racism charity The Anthony Walker Foundation, teaming up with leaders from Liverpool"s black community to celebrate the present and inspire future generations through representation

Holgate一直与反种族主义慈善机构Anthony Walker基金会合作,与来自利物浦黑人社区的领导人合作,共同庆祝当下并激发后代

Murray on racism in football and societyZaha: You"re the only one that can destroy your own dreamThe foundation was established after the racially motivated murder of Anthony Walker in Huyton, 2005


Since then the organisation has worked to promote racial justice, diversity and inclusion and runs a support service for those who have experienced hate crimes across the region天下足球欧冠


As part of Black History Month, Holgate spoke to about the importance of representation in his journey and why he now wants to give back


"Everton have been working with the Anthony Walker Foundation for a few years now on how to deal with racism, I got the opportunity during Black History Month," he said


"[The murder of Anthony Walker] was a massive thing to happen not so long ago, to be able to bring it back to light, it is a special thing for me to do

“ [安东尼·沃克被谋杀]是不久前发生的一件大事,为了让它重新露面,对我来说这是一件很特别的事情

"To feel that you can influence a younger generation, I had that when I was young, I could see footballers [who looked like me]


To give that back to the next generation is important


天下足球欧冠"I was quite lucky, there were a lot of black footballers, people like Rio Ferdinand and Thierry Henry


They were coming out and speaking publicly about [racial inequality], raising awareness


When you see that it inspires you to think you can do it as well." Black History Month has come towards the end of a year when the issue of racial equality has moved to the forefront following the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement


Holgate feels more people are now aware of what racial inequality entails


"Anytime the awareness increases of what people are going through it is beneficial, it keeps the conversation going, it keeps people learning


"It all triggered from the death of George Floyd, up until then there was a conversation but it became a major talking point

“这都是乔治·弗洛伊德(George Floyd)逝世引发的,直到那时一直在进行对话,但这成为了主要的话题

"Generations growing up can be around others talking about race openly and see things need to change


It can"t be something which is stopped in a month or two." Holgate, who is working on the campaign alongside Liverpool City Council social worker Maleka Egeonu-Roby and the city"s black Lord Mayor Cllr Anna Rothery, also understands representation needs to come at all levels from the boardroom to the mayor"s office

它不可能在一两个月后就停止。” Holgate与利物浦市议会社会工作者Maleka Egeonu-Roby和该市黑人黑人市长Cllr Anna Rothery一起在竞选活动中开展工作,他也明白需要派代表参加从董事会到市长办公室的各个层面

"It"s massive, it is not just a problem in sport," he said


"Not everyone wants to be a sports person


To just speak about it in a sporting sense is not going to help enough


[Representation] needs to happen everywhere, in every situation, in every job title


天下足球欧冠"I"m going to be beneficial to people who want to do sport or be a footballer, the mayor is going to be beneficial for a different audience." Black History MonthKeep across all our features, news stories and video content on News and our platforms


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