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Team news, stats and prediction ahead of Burnley vs Tottenham in the Premier League on Monday; Kick-off 8pm陶都同城游


Team newsBurnley full-back Erik Pieters is an early doubt for the clash with Jose Mourinho"s men with a calf injury and Phil Bardsley is still out following his positive coronavirus test, but Matt Lowton is in contention to return after an ankle injury

球队新闻伯恩利后卫埃里克·皮特斯(Erik Pieters)对于与何塞·穆里尼奥(Jose Mourinho)小腿受伤的男子发生冲突早有疑问,而菲尔·巴德斯利(Phil Bardsley)在他的冠状病毒试验阳性后仍然不在,但马特·劳顿(Matt Lowton)争夺踝关节受伤后重返

146 live PL games + EFL for just kick-off at 8pm

146个现场PL游戏+ EFL仅在晚上8点启动

customers can watch in-game clips in the live match blog on the website and app


Highlights will also be published on the digital platforms and the Football YouTube channel shortly after the final whistle

最后的口哨声也将在数字平台和Football YouTube频道上发布。

Get | Get NOW TV - save more than 25%Watch the Premier League live on At least 146 Premier League games will be shown live on in the 2020/21 season


The Premier League has further increased the number of televised games this season from 200 to 231, with over half of the extra fixtures set to be shown live on


Overall, will be showing at least 146 Premier League matches live throughout the 2020/21 season, continuing to bring you all the latest twists, turns and shocks at the home of the Premier League


There will also be two additional midweek programmes - one will be played across the weeks commencing January 11 and 18 and the second will be in the week commencing May 10


All of these games will be broadcast live


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Sign up for PL goal alertsJones Knows" prediction Burnley have started the season slowly, but their performance metrics are still similar to last season where they were a solid mid-table team

报名参加PL目标警报琼斯(Jones Knows)的预测伯恩利本赛季开始缓慢,但他们的表现指标仍与上赛季一样,他们是一支稳定的中端球队

Defensively, there has been encouragement for Sean Dyche"s men - only three teams have faced lower expected goals in the Premier League, while they are top for duels won and aerial duels won

防守方面,肖恩·迪什(Sean Dyche)的球员得到了鼓励-在英超联赛中,只有三支球队面临的预期进球较低,而他们在决斗和空中决斗中均名列前茅

Get | Get NOW TV - save more than 25%The problem for them this Monday will be the current form of Harry Kane, who performed like the best striker in world football against West Ham

取得|立即获取电视节目-节省超过25%的问题本周一,他们的问题将是当前形式的哈里·凯恩(Harry Kane),他的表现就像世界足球对抗西汉姆联时的最佳射手一样

Kane has seven goals in eight Premier League appearances against Burnley - it"s hard to see Dyche"s men stopping him


JONES KNOWS PREDICTS: 1-2 (13/2 with Sky Bet) Opta stats Burnley have won just two of their 12 Premier League games against Spurs (D3 L7), although both wins were at Turf Moor in 2009-10 and 2018-19.In all competitions, Spurs have won seven of their last 12 games against Burnley (D4 L1), though they are winless in their last two games at Turf Moor (D1 L1).Tottenham have lost just one of their last 11 Premier League games played on Monday (W8 D2), going down 0-1 against Man City in October 2018.Burnley are winless in their last five Premier League games (D1 L4), and have lost each of their last two at Turf Moor

琼斯知道预测:1-2(Sky Bet的13/2)Opta数据伯恩利仅在他们对阵马刺(D3 L7)的12场英超联赛中赢得了其中的两场,尽管两场胜利都是在2009-10和2018-19赛季的Turf Moor在所有比赛中,马刺在对阵伯恩利(D4 L1)的最后12场比赛中赢了7场,尽管他们在草皮摩尔(D1 L1)的最近2场比赛中均未获胜。热刺仅输了他们最近11场英超联赛的一场。上周一(W8 D2)打球,2018年10月对阵曼城,比分0-1失败。伯恩利在最近五场英超联赛(D1 L4)中均未获胜,并在草坪高地输了最后两场比赛

They last lost three consecutive home league games in December 2018.Spurs have won both of their away Premier League games this season, netting 11 goals in those matches


They"d won just two of their previous 10 on the road in the competition (scoring just 12 goals in these games), while they"re looking to win each of their opening three away games in a Premier League campaign for just the second time (also 2017-18).Tottenham have kept just two clean sheets in their last 28 Premier League away games, both in goalless draws last season against relegated sides Bournemouth and Watford.Tottenham have conceded more 90th minute goals (incl


stoppage time) than any other Premier League side this season (3), with the last two of these costing them maximum points (1-1 v Newcastle, 3-3 v West Ham).Pitch to Post Preview podcast: Mata exclusive, Everton latest, Coady"s rise at Wolves Juan Mata is the special guest on this week"s show, and he tells Peter Smith about Man Utd"s return to form, looks ahead to their clash with Chelsea, and shares his views on the work being done off the pitch by Marcus Rashford

停工时间)比本赛季英超其他任何一方(3),其中最后两个花费最高分(1-1对阵纽卡斯尔,3-3对西汉姆).Pitch to Post Preview播客:Mata Exclusive,Everton最近,科迪(Coady)在狼队(Wolves Juan Mata)的崛起是本周演出的特别嘉宾,他向彼得·史密斯(Peter Smith)讲述了曼联(Man Utd)的回归,期待着他们与切尔西(Chelsea)的冲突,并分享了他对即将离场的工作的看法马库斯·拉什福德

Plus, we have more fallout from the Merseyside derby with Alan Myers explains Everton"s perspective, Johnny Phillips discusses cult hero Conor Coady"s importance to Wolves and Data Editor Adam Smith delves into the numbers behind the Premier League"s goal rush, and makes a bold Pitch! Listen to the Pitch to Post Preview Podcast on: Spotify | Apple | Castbox

此外,我们还有更多来自默西塞德郡的麻烦,艾伦·迈尔斯(Alan Myers)解释了埃弗顿的观点,约翰尼·菲利普斯(Johnny Phillips)讨论了狂热英雄科纳尔·科迪(Conor Coady)对狼队的重要性,数据编辑亚当·斯密(Adam Smith)探究了英超联赛进球冲刺背后的数字,并提出了大胆的建议!收听有关发布预览播客的基调,网址为:Spotify |苹果| Castbox


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