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Jose Mourinho believes Heung-Min Son has proven his ability as a world-class player over many seasons at Tottenham

穆里尼奥(Jose Mourinho)相信,香敏儿(Heung-Min Son)在托特纳姆热刺(Tottenham)的多个赛季中都证明了自己是世界一流球员的能力

The influential South Korea forward has scored nine goals in all competitions since the season began last month as Spurs have made an impressive start to Mourinho"s first full campaign in charge


Son, who joined Tottenham from Bayer Leverkusen in 2015, has built a formidable partnership with club captain Harry Kane and Mourinho credited the 28-year-old"s character as a reason why his performances occasionally go unnoticed玩博会


Asked what Son needs to do to become a world-class player, Mourinho replied: "It is up to you - he cannot do more than what he does! "Season after season after season Sonny is showing how good he is


Of course, the better the team is the easier it is for the players to emerge


"But Sonny is Sonny, everybody knows what he now needs to do to go to a next step - nothing


It is up to you to do that


"Or he starts doing s*** socially and he becomes famous and he goes into the big headlines because of some weird, silly or naive social behaviour


"Because he is such an incredible kid also at that level it is up to you to tell how good he is." Premier League predictionsReguilon: Loving Spurs, leaving MadridSon has three years left on his current contract at Tottenham and Mourinho is confident the club can reach an agreement in time for a new deal to be reached as he wants the player to become "part of the furniture"

“因为他在这个水平上也是一个如此不可思议的孩子,所以你要告诉他他有多好。”英超联赛预测雷吉隆:热爱马刺,离开马德里儿子目前在托特纳姆热刺的合同还剩三年,穆里尼奥有信心俱乐部可以及时达成协议以达成新协议,因为他希望球员成为“家具的一部分” ”

Mourinho said: "Son has three years [left on his current contract] so it is not like we are in an extreme situation of everyone being too worried


"I think it is more a question of Son loves it here and I believe that he would like to commit his future to the club for more time


Everybody in the club is totally in love with this player and trying to make him feel part of the furniture


"Of course it is normal that the club tries to go from three to four or five or six, I don"t know


But it is normal, it is a very calm situation because he has three more years of contract


"But I wish, he deserves [a new contract] and the club knows that and I believe sooner or later that they will, without any pressure, arrive to a decision." Jose expects stern Turf Moor test - "Burnley is Burnley" Tottenham, unbeaten since their opening weekend defeat to Everton, face Burnley on Monday, live on , but despite the Clarets" failure to win so far this season, Mourinho is aware of the challenge his side face at Turf Moor

“但是我希望,他应该得到(一份新合同),俱乐部知道这一点,而且我相信他们迟早会在没有任何压力的情况下做出决定。”乔斯期待严厉的赛尔·摩尔考验-“伯恩利就是伯恩利”热刺,自从他们在周末首场败给埃弗顿以来一直保持不败,周一面对伯恩利,继续前进,但是尽管克拉里特本赛季到目前为止没有获胜,穆里尼奥还是意识到了挑战他在Turf Moor的侧面

Dyche warns Spurs of "awkward" Burnley"You will feel how strong they are by March, April when lots of teams will be fighting to avoid relegation and they will already be safe," he said


"They will already be ninth or 10th, comfortable in the table - this is Burnley


The fact that they have only one point in this moment, [having played] one match less, doesn"t tell me much


"Burnley is Burnley; the way they play, the players they have, their style of play, the manager - nothing changes there


It is always difficult, and it is going to be difficult." Moura hails "real number nine" Vinicius after dream debut Spurs have been looking for a second striker to take some pressure off Kane for some time and Moura thinks they might have found their man in Carlos Vinicius, who joined on a season-long loan from Benfica

穆拉欢呼梦debut以求的“真正的九号”维尼修斯在马刺梦some以求的首秀之后,马刺一直在寻找第二名前锋来减轻凯恩的压力,一段时间以来,穆拉认为他们可能已经找到了卡洛斯·维尼修斯(Carlos Vinicius)的男子

"He was very important, he"s a very good player, I"m very happy for him," Moura said


"He did very well with two assists and he made a good game


He"s the kind of player we were missing in our squad, he"s a real number nine and for sure he will help us a lot


I"m happy for him and to have another Brazilian in the squad is good for him


"It would be interesting to see two big players


Harry Kane is a top star and yes, I think they can play together

哈里·凯恩(Harry Kane)是顶尖球星,是的,我想他们可以一起玩

They are both intelligent players, it depends on the coach and the team but yes they could play together."



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