穆罕默德·萨拉赫(Mohamed Salah):杰米·卡拉格(Jamie Carragher)说,利物浦前锋加入巴塞罗那或皇马的时间已经过去

时间:2020-12-22 21:09:42

Jamie Carragher believes it would take "massive money" to prise Mohamed Salah away from Liverpool, but admits it may already be "a year or two too late" for the Egyptian to fulfil a move to Real Madrid or Barcelona.  The forward gave an exclusive interview to Madrid-based newspaper AS at the weekend in which he expressed his admiration for both Spanish clubs, fuelling speculation around his long-term future

杰米·卡拉格(Jamie Carragher)认为,将穆罕默德·萨拉赫(Mohamed Salah)赶离利物浦将需要“巨额资金”,但他承认,埃及人完成向皇家马德里或人人牛牛的迁移可能已经“晚了一年或两年”。 这位前锋在上周末对总部位于马德里的报纸AS进行了独家采访,他对这两个西班牙俱乐部表示钦佩,并引发了人们对其长期前景的猜测。

When questioned on remaining at Liverpool, Salah said: "That"s a tough one, but right now I can say that everything is in the club"s hands." The winger, who also admitted he was frustrated at not being named captain against Midtjylland, was then asked about the possibility of joining Barcelona or Real Madrid, to which he replied: "Who knows what will happen in the future, but right now I am focused on winning the Premier League and the Champions League with Liverpool again." Salah pips Rashford 34m in June 2017, and his current contract at Anfield runs until 2023

当被问及是否留在利物浦时,萨拉赫说:“这是一个艰难的过程,但现在我可以说一切都掌握在俱乐部的手中。” 这位边锋也承认他没有被任命为对抗米德吉兰的队长而感到沮丧,然后被问及是否有可能加盟人人牛牛或皇马,他回答:“谁知道未来会发生什么,但现在我是 专注于再次与利物浦一起赢得英超联赛和冠军联赛。” 萨拉(Salah)在2017年6月给拉什福德(Rashford)3400万英镑,他目前在安菲尔德的合同要到2023年

Carra and Nev pick their PL Team of 2020Neville: Arsenal boring, get them entertaining again!Gary Neville lauded the player"s killer instinct in front of goal, but expressed little surprise at speculation over Salah"s future resurfacing


"I thought Salah would always leave Liverpool," he added


"I said it a couple of years ago and maybe it was a bit premature at the time to say I think he"ll leave in the next 18 months


I always had the feeling that he"d want to go, explore playing in a different country and that he would have aspirations to do so


"So, it doesn"t surprise me [about the stories]


The reason I"ve always chosen Salah over Sadio Mane is because he"s cold-blooded

我之所以总是选择萨拉(Salah)而不是萨迪奥·曼恩(Sadio Mane)是因为他是冷血的

Mane"s a team player, who you know would always put the team first, but Salah is cold-blooded and that"s not a negative


"It makes Liverpool vicious as a team and he"s the type who will just go for it again and again and again and again, and he won"t stop


"That"s probably why the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain, whoever it is that"s after him is probably in his ear


"He"s got two-and-a-half years left on his contract


I don"t think Liverpool, at this moment in time, certainly won"t be forced to sell


They won"t be messed around


They"ve got a strength and an authority now with Jurgen Klopp there that they can sit there and relax a little bit

他们现在有了Jurgen Klopp的力量和权威,可以坐在那里放松一下

"But there will come a decision in the next six months, 18 months about what to do with him because if he"s not going to sign a new contract then you"d obviously have to let his contract run down, which they won"t do, or they"ll cash in and see an opportunity to bring in someone else." View from Spain: Real cannot afford Salah Spanish football expert Alvaro Montero believes Salah is open to the possibility of leaving Liverpool but says it is "almost impossible" for Real Madrid to afford the Egypt international in the current financial climate

“但是在接下来的六个月,十八个月内,将决定如何处理他,因为如果他不打算签订新合同,那么你显然必须让他的合同到期,而他们不会这样做 ,否则他们就会套现,并有机会引进其他人。” 西班牙观点:皇马负担不起萨拉赫西班牙足球专家阿尔瓦罗·蒙特罗认为萨拉赫对离开利物浦的可能性持开放态度,但他说,在目前的金融环境下,皇马负担埃及国际足联“几乎是不可能的”

"Here in Spain we see this as a way of Salah not closing the door for Barcelona and even Real Madrid," Montero told News


"It is very well known that [Barcelona manager] Ronald Koeman needs some players


For example, he has asked for [Manchester City defender] Eric Garcia and Memphis Depay from Lyon


"In the case of Real Madrid, it is a difficult situation right now economically because, although Mo Salah is an extremely good player and of course Real Madrid will need his goals with Karim Benzema, it is almost impossible


"For instance, yesterday Real Madrid held their annual assembly


They"ve recognised that they"ve lost 107m euros because of the coronavirus crisis and after taxes, they finished the year with only 313,000 euros, which is of course a little amount of money when you count that Real Madrid"s budget every single year is over 800-850m euros."

他们认识到,由于冠状病毒危机,他们已经损失了1.07亿欧元,税后,他们仅以313,000欧元就结束了这一年,当您算出皇家马德里每年的预算都超过了这一数额时,这当然是一笔小数目了 800-850m欧元。”


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