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Football lawmakers are expected to approve the use of concussion substitutes from next month


News" chief reporter Bryan Swanson looks at the key issues ahead of the IFAB Annual Business Meeting on Wednesday morning

新闻的首席记者布莱恩·斯旺森(Bryan Swanson)在周三上午举行的IFAB年度业务会议之前研究了关键问题

What will football chiefs talk about? There are four main items on the agenda: Concussion substitutes, five substitutes, offside and Video Assistant Referees (VARs)

足球队长会谈论什么? 议程中有四个主要项目:脑震荡替代品,五个替代品,越位和视频助理裁判员(VAR)

IFAB will consider whether to extend the use of five substitutes beyond August 2021


It is down to each competition to decide whether to use additional substitutes and, at the moment, the Premier League has chosen to use only three substitutes this season, after two votes of its 20 clubs


But there is nothing in football law to prevent them from changing their mind, and there is a Premier League club meeting scheduled on Thursday


Elsewhere, there is an ongoing review of offside, to ensure the spirit of attacking play, and, since July, FIFA has assumed all operational responsibility of VAR


Is concussion substitutes the biggest issue? Yes, it is a fundamental change to the game

脑震荡是最大的问题吗? 是的,这是游戏的根本变化

PL set to discuss introducing concussion subs | Five subs back on agendaNuno: Jimenez head injury "traumatic for everyone"Liverpool to host Man Utd live on It is an emotive issue and a green light for trials will inevitably turn attention onto every competition in world football

PL开始讨论引入脑震荡潜艇 五项提案重回议程努诺:希门尼斯头部受伤``对所有人来说都是创伤""利物浦将主持曼联的直播这是一个情感问题,开绿灯将不可避免地将注意力转移到世界足球的每场比赛上

Which competition wants to run the risk of not adopting trials and potentially risking player safety in the process? At best, it could leave them exposed to criticism from all quarters

哪个竞争对手想冒不接受审判的风险,并可能在此过程中冒犯球员安全的风险? 充其量,这可能会使他们受到来自各个方面的批评

城市达人 In October, IFAB"s Concussion Expert Group said it: " applying an "if in doubt, take them out" philosophy would be the best solution to safeguard the health of football players"


When can trials take place? IFAB is expected to formally approve trials from January

什么时候可以进行审判? IFAB有望从一月份正式批准试验

The rule will allow teams to replace a player with a head injury even if they have made all their substitutions


To avoid misuse, the opposing team will also be allowed to make a change at the same time


The Football Association wants to implement the trials at the earliest possible stages of the Men and Women"s FA Cup


Following an FA Women"s Super League and FA Women"s Championship Board meeting on Monday, the FA confirmed that both leagues would also support the trials of an additional permanent substitution for concussions


Will anything else be discussed? Any Other Business is the final item on the agenda, and it is the chance for officials to raise any other issues in the game, which could include anything from handball to further clarification in relation to coronavirus protocols

还有其他讨论吗? 任何其他事务都是议程上的最后一项,这是官员们有机会提出游戏中的其他问题,其中包括手球到有关冠状病毒协议的进一步澄清

城市达人Nothing is off the table


Who makes these decisions? IFAB is comprised of the four British associations and FIFA

谁做出这些决定? IFAB由四个英国协会和FIFA组成

This year"s business meeting will be chaired by Jonathan Ford, the Football Association of Wales" chief executive


Prominent officials on the conference call will include David Ellerary, IFAB technical director, Pierluigi Collina, FIFA chairman of referees" committee and Arsene Wenger, FIFA"s chief of global football development

此次电话会议的知名官员将包括IFAB技术总监David Ellerary,FIFA裁判委员会主席Pierluigi Collina和FIFA全球足球发展总监Arsene Wenger


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