裁判观察:西汉姆联的Paul Pogba均衡器为助理裁判上课-Dermot Gallagher

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In the latest edition of Ref Watch, former Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher highlights an important lesson for assistant referees after Paul Pogba"s contentious equaliser at West Ham

在最新版的《裁判观察》中,前英超联赛裁判德莫特·加拉格尔(Dermot Gallagher)强调了保罗·波格巴(Paul Pogba)在西汉姆联的有争议的扳平比分后对助理裁判的重要教训

Dermot joined Rob Wotton on News to review the weekend"s big decisions..

德莫特(Dermot)与罗伯·沃顿(Rob Wotton)一起接受新闻采访,回顾了周末的重大决定。

West Ham 1-3 Man UtdINCIDENT: Manchester United goalkeeper Dean Henderson"s clearance along the touchline went out of play in the build-up to Paul Pogba"s equaliser at the London Stadium福彩大奖

西汉姆1-3曼联事件:曼联守门员迪恩·亨德森沿边线的解围在伦敦体育场保罗·波格巴扳平比分的过程中失控 福彩大奖

It was missed by the on-field officiating team and VAR was unable to overturn due to insufficient evidence


VERDICT: "There"s a couple of issues here


The guy that had the best view didn"t use it


The assistants prioritise offsides and the ball out of play


In this situation the ball was so far down the wing when Henderson kicked it that offside is immaterial at that point, the key issue is where is the ball going to go


"The assistant is looking straight across the field at the offside and doesn"t see the flight of the ball, so it didn"t get picked up on the field


When it went to VAR, there was no conclusive evidence that the ball had gone out


"It looks out, and subsequently we have seen it did go out, but the calibration is horizontal - there is not lateral line - so they couldn"t calibrate from corner flag to corner flag to see the ball had gone out


It"s just one of those things that got missed


"David Moyes" reaction wouldn"t be a cue for the referees, who are focusing on matters on the pitch


But rather than priority being offside and then move down the chain, be adaptable


The primary concern was not offside, it was whether that ball could go out of play, and that"s the learning point from that situation." West Brom 1-5 Crystal PalaceINCIDENT: Referee Paul Tierney overturns his original decision to award Matheus Pereira a yellow card with a straight red card after consulting the pitchside monitor and spotting the West Brom midfielder had lashed out and thrusted his legs into Crystal Palace defender Patrick van Aanholt

首要关注的不是越位,而是那个球是否可以脱离比赛,这是从这种情况中学习的重点。”西布朗1-5水晶宫事件:裁判保罗·蒂尔尼推翻了他最初的决定,授予马修斯·佩雷拉一张黄牌 在咨询了场边监控器并发现西布朗姆中场已经猛烈抨击并将他的双腿伸入水晶宫后卫帕特里克·范·安霍尔特后,他用了一张平直的红牌

VERDICT: "When I watched the game, I didn"t know what the officials were checking


But when I saw the incident, and the referee go to the screen, I knew it was going to be a red card


"People ask whether it was enough of a kick out, but argument to that would be why does he need to put his boot there? What"s the point of putting his boot there? He"s doing it for some reason, and the reason isn"t balance or to get up off the floor

“人们问踢脚是否足够,但是有人争论那是为什么他需要把靴子放在那儿?把靴子放在那儿有什么意义?他这样做是出于某种原因,而原因不是 平衡或起床

It is to push his boot towards an opponent, and on that basis, it is a red card


It"s inevitable." 146 live PL games + EFL for just 18 p/m | All " offers for the new seasonLive on | 146 Premier League games to be shown live on Liverpool 4-0 WolvesINCIDENT: Referee Craig Pawson changes his decision to award Wolves a penalty after being instructed to consult the pitchside monitor and ruling Sadio Mane had in fact pulled out of a challenge on Conor Coady before the Wolves captain went to ground in the area

“ 146场实时PL比赛+ EFL仅为18 p / m |新赛季的所有报价实时直播| 146场英超比赛将在利物浦现场直播4-0狼事件:裁判员克雷格·鲍森(Craig Pawson)改变了决定授予狼队的决定 在被指示咨询球场边角监控器并作出裁定的萨迪奥·曼尼(Sadio Mane)实际上在狼队队长进入该地区之前就退出了对科纳·科迪的挑战

VERDICT: "Thumbs up for VAR, absolutely


When you see the replay, Mane clearly pulls his boot away before Coady goes to ground


The referee is alerted to go to the screen, he sees what we have all seen, and he quite rightly overturns it


"It"s definitely not a penalty, but without VAR it would have been given


This is a real plus for VAR because this is what we talk about." Chelsea 3-1 LeedsINCIDENT: Ben Chilwell challenges Leeds winger Ian Poveda in the box and makes contact with man and not ball


Poveda stays on his feet but the phase comes to nothing as Edouard Mendy saves the winger"s tame effort

Poveda站稳了脚跟,但阶段变得毫无意义,因为Edouard Mendy节省了边锋的驯服

VAR did not intervene, and Kevin Friend"s decision not to punish the challenge stood

VAR没有干预,Kevin Friend不惩罚挑战的决定依然存在

VERDICT: "If Poveda goes down, the referee has a different decision to make, there is no doubt about that


I have said in the past that referees need to be aware that a foul can be committed even if a player stays on their feet


"What I would say is that VAR was wise to stay out of this because it"s not there to decide whether the referee has got something wrong, it"s there to make a judgement whether a player, manager, coach or spectator in unison would say that something is definitely wrong, a clear and obvious error

“我要说的是,VAR是明智的选择,因为它不是要裁定裁判员是否做错了什么,而是要判断球员,经理,教练或观众是否一致会说些什么 绝对是错误的,明显的错误

"I would say on that basis, this decision needed to be left to the referee on the field


It"s a very different decision when a player stops on his feet, and this is why players say they go to ground


We have talked about it for years and year


"We never know, the referee may have made the same decision had Poveda gone down, but on the evidence of what I saw on Saturday and the protocol I have read through, the VAR had no right to intervene."



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