何塞·穆里尼奥(Jose Mourinho):曼联(Man Utd)在欧罗巴联赛的最爱中-但不应参加比赛

时间:2020-12-11 23:36:26

Jose Mourinho believes Manchester United are one of the favourites to win the Europa League - but says Tottenham"s Premier League rivals should not be in the competition

穆里尼奥(Jose Mourinho)认为曼联是赢得欧罗巴联赛的热门球队之一-但他表示热刺的英超联赛对手不应该参加比赛

Manchester United - where Mourinho was manager between 2016 and 2018 - dropped into the tournament after being knocked out of the Champions League on Tuesday night


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer"s side will finish third in their group after losing 3-2 away to RB Leipzig, and will now join the Champions League"s other third-placed sides in the knockout rounds of the Europa League

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer的球队将以3-2输给RB Leipzig,在小组赛中排名第三,现在将加入欧洲冠军联赛淘汰赛的冠军联赛其他第三名

Mourinho won the competition with United in May 2017 - before being sacked 18 months later - and believes his former club have a good chance of repeating his success, saying: "Of course now Manchester United become one of the top favourites to win the competition


Manchester United dumped out of Champions League after RB Leipzig defeatMarine offer free entry to Spurs fansTransfer Centre LIVE!Is Spurs-Arsenal gap bigger than ever?"The teams that drop from the Champions League are always strong teams


Normally they don"t belong at the level of the Europa League


And Manchester United is one of the top teams


"The group was very hard - Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester [United] and Leipzig - and we all knew it


It was not going to be easy for any one of them and we knew, from that group, a top team would drop into the Europa League." Mourinho was then asked about comments he had previously made about disagreeing with third-placed Champions League sides entering the Europa League, to which he replied: "It"s a point of principle and if it happened to my team, I would feel exactly the same

对于他们中的任何一个来说,这都不容易,而且我们知道,从那个组中,一支顶级球队将加入欧罗巴联赛。”然后,穆里尼奥被问及他先前对不同意欧冠三边的不同意见。 进入欧罗巴联赛,他回答:“这是原则性的问题,如果发生在我的团队中,我会感觉完全一样

"It is the way it is and honestly brings more quality to the competition - we cannot forget that


"When you have eight new teams in the competition and eight teams that belong to another level, and they drop to the Europa League, of course the level of the competition is going to improve


No doubts


And when the quality improves, the attention improves


It"s a good thing for the competition


"But by the sports point of view is where I think it is not fair


A team that doesn"t succeed in one competition drops to another


Imagine the third team in the Europa League - now there is another competition - and the third team, instead of finishing, goes to another competition in the hierarchy of European football


"In football, when for some reason we don"t succeed unlucky, next season


But it is the way it is and is not a problem for me." Tottenham are guaranteed to be in the Europa League last-32 draw - alongside United - after securing qualification from their group last week, and will finish top if they beat Antwerp at home on Thursday

托特纳姆热刺在上周从他们的小组赛中获得资格后,可以保证与欧洲联盟一起参加欧洲联赛最后32强,与曼联并肩作战,如果击败安特卫普,他们将名列前茅。 星期四在家

But Spurs will likely be without Serge Aurier, who went into Sunday"s win over Arsenal carrying an injury, and Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg, who Mourinho suggested would be rested ahead of Sunday"s game at Crystal Palace, live on

但是马刺很可能没有塞尔吉·奥里尔(Serge Aurier),后者在周日击败阿森纳的比赛中受伤,而皮埃尔-埃米尔·霍伊比约格(Mourinho建议将在周日在水晶宫的比赛之前休息)继续生活。

Mourinho: PSG-Basaksehir walk-off "iconic"Speaking ahead of Antwerp"s visit to north London, Mourinho also offered his thoughts on PSG"s and Istanbul Basaksehir"s players refusing to complete their Champions League tie on Tuesday due to alleged racism by the fourth official


The Turkish side accused Sebastian Coltescu of using racist language towards their assistant coach, Pierre Webo, leading to players from both sides leaving the field

土耳其方面指责塞巴斯蒂安·科尔特斯库(Sebastian Coltescu)对他们的助理教练皮埃尔·韦伯(Pierre Webo)使用种族主义语言,导致双方球员离开赛场

They did not return and the game will instead be completed on Wednesday with a new team of officials


Mourinho said: "It"s a very sad situation and every form of racism has to be fought


It"s never accepted


I"m very sad because we don"t want that in football


"The fourth official..


only he can express his feelings


Of course he made an unacceptable mistake but only he can open his heart, apologise and accept the consequences


"Probably he is a very good referee [but] everyone in football and society, we have our responsibilities in relation to these situations and if we make mistakes, we have to accept the responsibilities


"But more important for me is that that game becomes quite iconic淘金盈代理

“但是对我来说更重要的是,该游戏变得非常具有标志性 淘金盈代理

Champions League, to stop after 15 minutes for a very sad reason, will become iconic and hopefully, in the future, never happens again


"But as a football guy, I"m very, very sorry that in my industry, that situation happened."



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