托马斯·帕特(Thomas Partey):阿森纳中场球员因伤缺席了接下来的几场比赛

时间:2020-12-12 11:07:05

Arsenal midfielder Thomas Partey will miss the "next few matches" after suffering an injury in Sunday"s north London derby defeat at Tottenham, says boss Mikel Arteta

老板迈克·阿尔塔塔(Mikel Arteta)说,阿森纳中场球员托马斯·帕蒂(Thomas Partey)在周日北伦敦德比大战在托特纳姆热刺中受伤后将缺席“接下来的几场比赛”。

Partey had been out for almost a month with a thigh problem before being selected to start Sunday"s 2-0 loss, but was unable to complete the game after picking up another injury


Arteta said it was not a recurrence of the same injury and defended his handling of the Ghana international"s return, insisting he had not been rushed back ahead of schedule to face Spurs


Arteta: Partey was wrong to walk offIs Spurs-Arsenal gap bigger than ever?Arteta: I learned from Jose in Spurs documentary"He got injured in the same area, but not in exactly the same spot as before," Arteta said ahead of Thursday"s Europa League group game against Dundalk

阿泰塔:帕泰走错了吗?马刺与阿森纳的差距比以往更大吗?阿泰塔:我从马刺的纪录片何塞那里获悉:“他在同一地区受伤,但并不像以前那样在同一地点受伤。” 欧洲联赛对阵邓多克的小组赛

"He had an MRI yesterday, there is an injury there, he will miss the next few matches." Asked if it was an unnecessary risk to rush him back from injury, Arteta said: "No, he did incredibly well, he was confident

“他昨天进行了核磁共振检查,那里受伤,他将缺席接下来的几场比赛。” 当被问及是否有将他赶出伤病的危险时,阿尔塔塔说:“不,他的表现非常出色,他充满信心

欢乐斗牛改名了叫什么We tested him three times and he had no symptoms


"But in football you have a lot of unpredictable actions


He went into the floor, his knee got stuck, after he needs to stretch and get up up欢乐斗牛改名了叫什么

他需要伸展和起床后,进入地板,膝盖被卡住 欢乐斗牛改名了叫什么

Immediately he put a lot of stress in a similar area and he felt it again." Arteta had been critical of Partey for refusing to play on through injury during the defeat at Spurs after he left the field injured in the build-up to their rivals" crucial second goal

立即,他在相似的区域施加了很大的压力,他再次感到了。” Arteta批评Partey在马刺战败期间拒绝受伤继续比赛,他在场上为对手留下了伤病 至关重要的第二个目标

After Heung-Min Son"s stunning long-range strike had given Spurs the lead on the counter at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Arsenal were hit by another break in first-half stoppage time as the injured Partey vacated midfield and allowed Harry Kane to double the lead

在Heung-Min Son出色的远程打击使热刺在托特纳姆热刺体育场的柜台上取得领先之后,由于受伤的Partey撤离中场并允许Harry Kane加倍领先优势,阿森纳在上半场补时阶段再次遭受打击

Arteta was seen attempting to push Partey back onto the field moments before Kane rifled Spurs into an insurmountable lead, and the Gunners boss admitted his player was in the wrong to leave the pitch


"Thomas is out, he"s limping, he"s in pain, he has to come off and we lost a man in that crucial transition moment," Arteta told 欢乐斗牛改名了叫什么

阿尔塔塔告诉他:“托马斯出局了,他out腿,痛苦,必须下场,在那个关键的过渡时刻我们失去了一个人。” 欢乐斗牛改名了叫什么

"He has to fall on the floor


"I wanted him on the pitch, doing whatever he could for the team in that situation


No one expected him not to be in that position." Speaking in his post-match press conference, Arteta added: "I was trying to push him back on the pitch, I don"t think he realised the gravity of the situation when he left his position." "No one is undroppable - not even Auba"Arteta insists even captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is not guaranteed a place in his team as he looks to get the Gunners back to winning ways

没有人期望他不在这个位置。”阿尔塔塔在赛后新闻发布会上说:“我试图将他推回赛场,我不认为他在意识到自己情况的严重性之后 离开了他的位置。”“没有人是无法放弃的,甚至没有奥巴。”阿尔塔塔坚持认为,即使是皮埃尔·埃默里克队长,奥巴梅扬也不能保证在他的球队中占有一席之地,因为他希望让枪手重获胜利

Aubameyang has not travelled with the squad for Thursday"s Europa League dead-rubber against Dundalk, with Arsenal are already assured of top spot in Group B having won their opening five matches of the campaign

奥巴梅扬(Aubameyang)并未随队参加周四的欧罗巴联赛(Europa League)对邓多克(Dundalk)的死胡同,而阿森纳(Asenal)已经确信在B组中排名第一

But it is domestically where Arteta is struggling to find a solution to a poor run of form and a run of lacklustre performances


One of the main problems has been a lack of goals, only the current bottom three have scored fewer than Arsenal"s 10 so far, with Aubameyang not scoring from open play in the league since the opening weekend


Arteta said he was not tempted to take his skipper to Dundalk in an attempt to play him into form and that his recent blip does not mean he has an automatic place in his Premier League XI


"No one is undroppable at the end of the day," he said


"You have to find the right players to win football matches but we cannot forget what Auba has done for this club and what he"s done in recent months - not years ago


"And as well because I see how he is training, how he is behaving and how much he wants to turn the situation around


"When I see that type of hunger I stay as a strong supporter to a player when he is established in the team and the performances that he has provided


"Listen, today and this week, the response I have seen from the players and the reaction I saw from the players after the match, I cannot be any prouder


"Auba was one of the main guys there and today he was walking the place with an energy that wouldn"t be associated to a team or a player that is suffering at the moment and this is for me the way we have to approach it."

“奥巴是那里的主要球员之一,今天他带着一种能量而走在这个地方,而这种能量不会与目前正在遭受痛苦的球队或球员相关,这对我来说就是我们必须采取的方式。 ”


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