苏格兰足球播客:克里斯·博伊德(Kris Boyd)说,流浪者从团队的压迫和训练场的进攻中获得欢乐

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Rangers and Celtic"s joy and misery was contrasted and analysed on this week"s Scottish Football Podcast with Andy Walker, Ian Crocker and Kris Boyd


As Rangers extended their lead at the top of the Scottish Premiership, their clean sheet tally and their unbeaten start to the season with a 4-0 thumping of Ross County, Celtic again dropped points with a laboured 1-1 home draw against St Johnstone, to fall 13 points off the top of the table with two games in hand

随着流浪者队在苏格兰英超联赛中的领先优势,无尘纸收尾和不败的开局,以4-0击败罗斯郡的方式开始了他们的赛季,凯尔特人队又以1-1的比分战胜圣约翰斯通,再次丢分, 手持两场比赛,从桌顶滑落了13分

ag棋牌官网Download the Scottish Football Podcast on: Spotify | Apple | Castbox | SpreakerAside from their run of 14 wins from their opening 16 league games, Steven Gerrard"s side have conceded only three goals in that run to date

ag棋牌官网在以下位置下载苏格兰足球播客:Spotify | 苹果| Castbox | 除了开场16场联赛中取得14场胜利之外,史蒂芬·杰拉德的球队迄今只承认了三个进球

Ross County 0-4 Rangers - Report and highlightsLatest channel offerThat, alongside veteran Steven Davis" move for Rangers" second goal in their weekend thumping caught the eye of former forward and pundit Kris Boyd, who told the Scottish Football Podcast the differences between the two Premiership challengers" styles of play had become apparent

罗斯郡0-4巡游者-报告和亮点最新频道报价与资深球员史蒂文·戴维斯在周末突袭流浪者的第二个进球的举动一起引起了前前锋和专家克里斯·博伊德的注意,后者告诉苏格兰足球播客两者之间的差异 英超挑战者的打法变得显而易见

"Celtic for a number of seasons have relied on individuals to go and win games of football for them, Rangers relied on Alfredo Morelos to go and win them games," he said


"But the goals, the opportunities, the types of attacks Rangers are having, has worked on the training field and you can see everybody"s bought into it


"It"s a two-year work in progress and hopefully it"s now coming towards the end game of silverware for them, and it looks as if everybody"s bought into it


It looks like a team that"s organised, drilled daily, and I mean daily, on the training field


Ryan Kent, Kemar Roofe as well at the weekend, the press starts right from the front, the defensive unit got a lot of the praise, but it"s Rangers as a team, moving all over the pitch, shutting gaps, not allowing James Tavernier to get one-vs-one on the right any more, it just looks as if even the defensive unit is well-drilled on the training field

瑞安·肯特(Ryan Kent)和凯玛·罗夫(Kemar Roofe)也在周末,新闻从头开始,防守部门获得了很多赞誉,但流浪者作为一个团队,在球场上四处移动,缩小差距,不允许詹姆斯·塔弗尼尔(James Tavernier) 在右边再多一对一,看起来就像防守方在训练场上的训练一样

Scottish Premiership - latest news and featuresScottish Premiership fixtures | results | table"Yes, when you"re winning games it"s easier to train but that period of rest from Covid over the summer for Rangers, it looks as if they"ve really bought into this season

苏格兰英超-最新新闻和功能 结果 桌子“是的,当您赢得比赛时,训练起来比较容易,但是对于流浪者来说,整个夏天都来自Covid的休息时间,看来他们真的已经进入了本赛季

They"ve got better players to carry it out, and are reaping the benefit of it." Elder statesman Defoe can still add quality Jermain Defoe was among the scorers for Rangers in their win at Ross County as the 38-year-old netted his second league goal of the season and fourth in all competitions

他们有更好的球员来实现这一目标,并且正在从中获得收益。” 38岁的老政治家迪福(Defoe)仍然可以提高素质杰曼·迪福(Jermain Defoe)是流浪者队在罗斯郡夺冠的得分手之一。 本赛季第二个联赛进球,所有比赛中排名第四

" Andy Walker, who himself retired from playing at the age of 35, told the podcast the ex-England striker could still make a difference to Rangers" title challenge despite his advancing years

安迪·沃克(Andy Walker)自己在35岁时就退役了,他告诉播客,这位前英格兰前锋尽管已经晋升了年头,但仍然可以改变流浪者队的冠军头衔

He said: "The idea of playing to his age, 38, I played in his position and at 33-34, I knew I was winding down


I"m glad to have got to 35, but I knew then I couldn"t do any more, for him to be so fit, so sharp, his touches are delightful, he still knows where the goal is


"I wouldn"t be surprised if he comes up with not only a decent number of goals, maybe a dozen or so, I bet there"ll be one weekend where he gets a really important one


I think that"s the mark of a top-class player." Gardyne incident "does not help one single bit"Rangers defender Connor Goldson accused Ross County"s Michael Gardyne of using a homophobic slur during Sunday"s victory at Victoria Park, with the home player booked over the incident but his club still waiting to receive a notice of complaint from the Scottish Football Association

我认为那是一流球员的印记。”加德尼事件“无济于事”朗格斯后卫康纳·戈德森(Connor Goldson)指责罗斯县(Michael County)的迈克尔·加德因(Michael Gardyne)在周日的维多利亚公园胜利中使用恐同性诽谤,主球员被预订 事件,但他的俱乐部仍在等待收到苏格兰足协的投诉通知

Gerrard said what his players heard "should not be heard on a football pitch" after the game, and Boyd told the podcast such incidents did nothing to aid the cause of creating a more inclusive environment for gay players to come out


He said: "We always speak about the campaigns to try to create a safe environment for players to come out as being gay if that is the case, and incidences like this do not help one single bit


"There will be gay players out there, no doubt about it, but they"ll be scared to come forward


It"s something we need to be careful, and have a look at ourselves, especially on the pitch


When there"s no crowd there, people can hear what you"re saying."



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