曼联的布鲁诺·费尔南德斯或曼城的凯文·德布鲁因(Kevin De Bruyne)-谁更重要?

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Bruno Fernandes and Kevin De Bruyne are star performers for Manchester United and Manchester City, respectively - but who"s more influential for their team? We crunch the numbers..

布鲁诺·费尔南德斯(Bruno Fernandes)和凯文·德布鲁因(Kevin De Bruyne)分别是曼联和曼城的明星表演-但是谁对他们的球队更有影响力? 我们计算数字..

The midfield maestros will face off at Old Trafford on Saturday in the first Manchester derby this season, live on - but which club depends on their talisman most and who will steal the show this weekend?Pep Guardiola"s side go into the weekend with momentum after securing qualification from their Champions League group and winning back-to-back league games with clean sheets.In contrast, United crashed out of Europe"s elite competition and slipped into the Europa League after a 3-2 defeat to RB Leipzig, following mediocre displays to overcome deficits and beat West Ham and Southampton in recent weeks.But the Premier League top table remains wide open

中场大将在本赛季首场曼彻斯特德比周六在老特拉福德对峙,继续比赛-但哪个俱乐部最依赖护身符,谁会在本周末偷走秀?瓜迪奥拉的球队在获得保障后势头进入周末 相比之下,曼联在战绩不佳的情况下以3比2负于莱比锡(RB)击败了欧洲精英联赛,并以3比2负于莱比锡(RB Leipzig),从而滑入了欧洲联赛(Europa League) 赤字,并在最近几周击败了西汉姆和南安普敦。

Both teams have a game in hand and United lead City by a solitary position and point - with the clubs just five and six points adrift from league-leaders Tottenham, respectively


So the stage is set for Fernandes or De Bruyne to buck or maintain their clubs" recent fortunes - but which has the greatest influence to do so? Listen to the Pitch to Post Podcast on: Spotify | Apple | CastboxMan Utd drop to Europa League - who could they face?Man Utd"s problems catch up with themPaul Merson on Paul Pogba: Go and play snooker!Who leads in the stats?The Power Rankings, which rank Premier League players on 35 matchday metrics, suggest Fernandes is leading the way at No 7 in the league - compared with De Bruyne at No 29, after an uncustomary slower start to the season

因此,为费尔南德斯(Fernandes)或德布鲁因(De Bruyne)争取或维持其俱乐部的近期财富打下了基础,但是哪一个最具影响力呢? 收听要在播客上发布播客的音调:Spotify | 苹果| 曼联晋级欧联杯-谁会面对曼联的问题追赶他们保罗·波德巴(Paul Pogba)上的保罗·迈森(Paul Merson):去打斯诺克! 费尔南德斯(Fernandes)在联盟第7名中处于领先地位-与德布鲁因(De Bruyne)在第29名相比

Fernandes has played 53 league minutes more than De Bruyne and his crucial influence was epitomised once again when he proved to be the comeback catalyst as a second-half substitute against the Hammers.De Bruyne was peppering Alphonse Areola"s goal against Fulham - perhaps conscious his two league goals this term have come from 12 yards

费尔南德斯的比赛时间比德·布鲁恩多出了53分钟,当他被证明是下半场对阵哈默斯的替补时,他的关键影响再次得到了体现。 这个学期的联赛进球来自12码

In contrast, Fernandes has netted four from open play and converted three penalties.Both players primarily patrol the width of the pitch midway inside the opposition half, but Fernandes tends to also drop deeper and attempt more passes than his counterpart - despite United averaging far fewer passes than City as a team.But De Bruyne leads the way with six assists, having recorded a league-topping 20 last term en-route to scooping the PFA Player of the Year award and ranks behind only Harry Kane for teeing up team-mates this season

相比之下,费尔南德斯在公开赛中净赚了四分,并罚了三分。两位球员都主要在对方一半的中间巡逻,但费尔南德斯的投篮命中率也比对手高,尽管曼联的平均命中率要低得多 De Bruyne凭借六次助攻一路领先,但他在上个学期就获得了PFA年度最佳球员的荣誉,在上学期排名联盟前20位,并且在培养队友方面仅次于Harry Kane 这一季

The radar graphics below shows how both players compare with attacking midfielders in Europe"s top five leagues this season, revealing both rank in the top five per cent for passes completed, assists and big chances created.But Fernandes also ranks among the elite for goals and shots on target

下面的雷达图显示了这两名球员与本赛季欧洲前五名联赛中场进攻者的比较情况,揭示了两人在传球,助攻和创造大机会方面均位居前5%,但费尔南德斯的进球数和射门次数也名列前茅 估计的正好

De Bruyne lags behind on those metrics, propped up with his two spot-kicks, but surpasses his counterpart for ball recoveries and attempted dribbles.What about goal threat?Fernandes is yet to score one of his 18 shots from outside the box in the Premier League this season, but it"s a different story inside the penalty area - scoring seven of his 12 shots, including three converted penalties from four attempts

德布鲁因在这两个指标上都落后于他,在两次罚球命中率上都得到了支撑,但在追球和运球方面却超过了对手,进球威胁又如何呢?费尔南德斯尚未在英超联赛中从框外得分18次 本赛季的联赛,但在禁区内却是另外一回事-在他的12次射门中得分7次,其中包括4次尝试中的3次点球

De Bruyne has only managed to hit the target four times from 17 attempts on goal inside the opposition box, including three penalty attempts - while many of his efforts from range have also been wayward

德布鲁因(De Bruyne)在对局框内的17次射门尝试中仅设法击中目标四次,其中包括3次点球尝试-而他在射程上的许多努力也都任重道远

All about assists?The lines in the graphic below show the paths of every pass that led to a chance at goal, revealing how Fernandes loves to play raking balls from deep, left-of-centre areas, notching two assists from that delivery this term - in addition to frequently finding team-mates from right-sided corners

关于助攻,下图中的线条显示了导致进球的机会的每道传球的路线,揭示了费尔南德斯喜欢如何从中锋深处的区域打耙球,本学期该次接球贡献了两次助攻 -除了经常从右上角寻找队友

As for De Bruyne, he often delivers the killer pass from right-of-centre areas and has also recorded two assists from this favoured zone


Notably, he has created seven chances fewer than Fernandes, but, crucially, he has recorded two more assists - suggesting the quality of his chances have been superior


溧阳同城游戏大厅官方下载 How does their distribution compare?The graphic below shows how Fernandes attempts passes across the width of the pitch in the opposition half, with an increasing concentration towards the left side.In addition, the direction of his distribution is almost perfectly symmetrical, primarily passing forwards and rarely backwards - while his tendency to launch long balls reduces his passing accuracy

溧阳同城游戏大厅官方下载他们的分布如何比较?下图显示了费尔南德斯的尝试如何越过对方一半的音高宽度,向左侧逐渐集中,此外,他的分布方向几乎是完全对称的,主要是向前传播 而且很少倒退-虽然他发长球的趋势降低了他的传球准确性

De Bruyne attempts passes in almost identical areas to Fernandes but the direction of his distribution is more sporadic - frequently looking to pass to his inside-right and, with fewer long passes attempted, registers a slightly higher level of passing accuracy

德布鲁因(De Bruyne)尝试通过的区域几乎与费尔南德斯(Fernandes)相同,但是他的发散方向更加零散-经常试图传到他的右内路,并且尝试较少的长传,则传球准确性略高一些

The graphic below emphasises how Fernandes attempts far more long balls - typically looking to unleash Marcus Rashford or Mason Greenwood behind defensive lines down the flanks


Pep Guardiola rules out starting Sergio Aguero in Manchester derbyAnjorin, Steffen..

瓜迪奥拉(Pep Guardiola)排除了在曼彻斯特德比(Steffen)安乔林(Ajorrin,Steffen。

CL young stars assessedManchester Derby greatest momentsWhat about their defensive contributions? As previously referenced, De Bruyne averages more ball recoveries per 90 than Fernandes - which means he collects more loose balls, with City among the top sides for pressing from the front.But, in terms of all defensive actions, the United midfielder leads the way again with box-to-box effectiveness - whereas De Bruyne"s actions tend to be isolated down the left channel inside the opposition half

CL年轻的明星们评估了曼彻斯特德比最伟大的时刻,他们的防守贡献如何? 如前所述,德布鲁因每90个球的平均发球率要比费尔南德斯高-这意味着他收集了更多的空球,曼城位于上侧,可以从前侧压迫。但就所有防守动作而言,曼联中场都处于领先地位 再次具有框到框的效力-而De Bruyne的举动往往被孤立在对手一半内的左通道下方

Influence since Bruno joined United?Last season, Solskjaer"s side had a 37.5 per cent win rate without Fernandes in the team - which soared to 64.3 per cent with him in the starting XI


They simply score more goals, concede fewer and collect more points with the Portuguese playmaker in the heart of midfield.But the same can be said of De Bruyne"s impact at City


The Belgian has missed eight league starts over the past two seasons and Guardiola"s win rate plummeted two-fold in those games - down from 70 per cent with him to 37.5 per cent without him.So both clubs" success appears to be almost halved when their midfield maestros are missing

比利时人在过去两个赛季中缺席了八场联赛首发,瓜迪奥拉在那场比赛中的胜率骤降了两倍-从拥有他的70%降至没有他的37.5%,因此当他们的两支球队的成功率几乎都减半了 中场球员失踪

However, Fernandes surpasses or matches De Bruyne across all key metrics since his league debut in February


Ok, so who"s more influential?The stats suggest Fernandes has been more influential this season but both players are only 10 league games into the campaign and De Bruyne"s form is never far from peak levels - particularly when City appear to be finding their groove.Get PL Plus Tottenham analysis, Arsenal"s attack, and Liverpool"s strength in depth This week on the Pitch to Post Preview Podcast, Peter Smith is joined by News reporters James Cooper and Ben Ransom to discuss the Manchester derby, including whether David de Gea will be dropped, why John Stones is back in the City side, and how it could all play out.Their colleague Michael Bridge is on the line to discuss Crystal Palace vs table-toppers Tottenham, plus Data Editor Adam Smith has the numbers behind Arsenal"s attack and Liverpool"s strength in depth - as well as his Pitch for what will happen in the Premier League this weekend!Listen to the Pitch to Post Podcast on: Spotify | Apple | Castbox

统计数据显示,费尔南德斯本赛季的影响力更大,但两位球员都只参加了10场联赛比赛,而德布鲁因的状态也从未远离高峰,尤其是当曼城似乎正在寻找自己的位置时。 PL Plus热刺的分析,阿森纳的进攻以及利物浦的实力在本周的转播预览播客中,彼得·史密斯与新闻记者詹姆斯·库珀和本·兰瑟姆一起参加了曼彻斯特德比的讨论,包括戴维·德·盖亚是否将被放弃, 他们的同事迈克尔·布里奇(Michael Bridge)正在讨论水晶宫vs托特纳姆排行榜,再加上数据编辑亚当·史密斯(Adam Smith)拥有阿森纳的进攻和利物浦的实力背后的数据 深入了解-以及他本周末在英超联赛中将要发生的事情! 苹果| Castbox


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