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Bryan Mbeumo came closest to breaking the deadlock as Wycombe and Brentford played out a lively 0-0 draw at Adams Park

布赖恩·姆贝莫(Bryan Mbeumo)最接近打破僵局的原因是,威科姆(Wycombe)和布伦特福德(Brentford)在亚当斯公园(Adams Park)进行了一场热烈的0-0平局

Neither side were able to advance their Championship ambitions, with the home side still in the bottom three and the promotion-chasing Bees in mid-table


The biggest chance of the match fell to Brentford"s Mbeumo, whose low shot was touched on to a post by Ryan Allsop, ensuring Wanderers kept just their second clean sheet of the season

这场比赛最大的机会落在了布伦特福德的姆贝穆(Mbeumo)身上,雷恩·阿索普(Ryan Allsop)触及了低射门,确保了流浪者仅保持本赛季第二张干净的球。

Both sides made two changes from their last fixtures, with Brentford only able to name eight substitutes on the bench


Championship fixtures | table | highlightsGet Wycombe"s Dominic Gape came into the side, making his first appearance since being sent off in his team"s Carabao Cup match against the Bees in September

冠军赛器材|桌子| Get Wycombe的Dominic Gape出现在他的身边,这是自9月在他的团队的Carabao Cup杯与Bees的比赛中被罚下后首次亮相。

Within the first five minutes Mbeumo had volleyed over for the visitors before Curtis Thompson"s cross was palmed away by Brentford goalkeeper David Raya

在最初的五分钟内,姆贝莫(Mbeumo)抽空向来客们展示,然后布伦特福德守门员大卫·拉亚(David Brenford)将柯蒂斯·汤普森(Curtis Thompson)的十字架放倒了。

Bees skipper Pontus Jansson, back in the team, met two corners in the space of two minutes but was unable to trouble Allsop

回到队中的蜜蜂队队长蓬图斯·詹森(Pontus Jansson)在两分钟的时间内遇到了两个角球,但未能给Allsop添麻烦

明升体育平台 Mbeumo continued to look dangerous and he came the closest to a goal when he met Josh Dasilva"s low cross


His scuffed shot was heading into the bottom corner before Allsop flung himself to his right and turned the ball on to a post with his fingertips


Ivan Toney was kept quiet in the first half but found an opening shortly before half-time, feeding the ball through to Mbeumo, whose curling shot went behind for a corner, before beating the offside trap himself only to see his shot blocked

伊万·托尼(Ivan Toney)在上半场保持安静,但在半场结束前不久就找到了一个空位,将球传给姆贝莫(Mbeumo),后者的弧度射门落后于弯道,自己击败越位陷阱后才发现自己的射门被挡

The visitors started the second half with renewed purpose明升体育平台


Henrik Dalsgaard dispossessed Daryl Horgan in midfield and blasted over, while Mbeumo had another chance as he headed wide from a Sergi Canos cross

亨里克·达尔斯加德(Henrik Dalsgaard)在中场解散了达里尔·霍根(Daryl Horgan),并对其进行了轰炸,而姆贝莫(Mbeumo)从塞尔吉·卡诺斯(Sergi Canos)十字架开阔时,又有了另一个机会

Wycombe soon sparked back into life, David Wheeler heading wide from a free-kick and Adebayo Akinfenwa heading straight at the keeper

Wycombe很快重新焕发活力,David Wheeler任意球向远处奔跑,Adebayo Akinfenwa直奔门将

Horgan played over three hours of football for the Republic of Ireland during the international break but showed little sign of fatigue, driving into the Brentford half before being cynically tripped by Canos


His volley from outside the area then went behind for a corner


Wycombe dominated the closing stages, with substitute Fred Onyedinma"s cross almost met by the outstretched boot of Akinfenwa and fellow substitute Alex Samuel dragging a shot wide

Wycombe在最后阶段占据了主导地位,替补球员Fred Onyedinma的传中几乎被Akinfenwa伸出的靴子碰到了,而替补球员Alex Samuel的射门偏出

But the last chance went to Brentford, Dasilva picking his spot with Allsop looking beaten only to see his shot bounce past a post



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