于尔根·克洛普(Jurgen Klopp):利物浦老板希望一月份解决伤病危机

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Jurgen Klopp says he will look for solutions to Liverpool"s injury crisis in January, but has backed the club"s youngsters to step up in the absence of several key players

于尔根·克洛普(Jurgen Klopp)表示,他将在1月份为利物浦的伤病危机寻求解决方案,但他支持俱乐部的年轻人在缺少几个关键球员的情况下加薪

England internationals Joe Gomez (knee) and Jordan Henderson (thigh) were the latest to be added to the injury list in the last few days, with the former potentially being ruled out for the rest of the season


With Virgil van Dijk and now Gomez sustaining serious injuries, Klopp is again down to one senior centre-back in Joel Matip, while Trent Alexander-Arnold"s continued absence with a calf problem means Klopp will be able to field only one of his first-choice back four against Premier League leaders Leicester on Sunday

在维吉尔·范·迪克(Virgil van Dijk)以及现在的戈麦斯(Gomez)身受重伤的情况下,克洛普(Klopp)再次跌至乔尔·马蒂普(Joel Matip)的一名中后卫位置,而特伦特·亚历山大·阿诺德(Trent Alexander-Arnold)因小腿问题继续缺席,这意味着克洛普将只能选择他的第一选择在周日对阵英超联赛领袖莱斯特的比赛中后四名

Klopp is also waiting for the return of midfielders Fabinho, who can also play in the centre of defence, Thiago Alcantara and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, while youngsters Rhys Williams and Neco Williams are injury doubts this weekend

克洛普还等待中场球员法比尼奥的回归,后者也可以在防守中锋蒂亚戈·阿尔坎塔拉(Thiago Alcantara)和亚历克斯·奥克斯拉德·钱伯兰(Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain)效力,而年轻的Rhys Williams和Neco Williams对此受伤表示怀疑

Mohamed Salah, meanwhile, has tested positive for coronavirus, although Klopp avoided criticising the forward for attending his brother"s wedding

与此同时,穆罕默德·萨拉赫(Mohamed Salah)的冠状病毒测试呈阳性,尽管克洛普避免批评前锋参加他弟弟的婚礼

Listen to the Pitch to Post Podcast on: Spotify | Apple | Castbox Salah to fly home after latest positive testWill Leicester attack weakened Liverpool?When asked if he would have to dip into the transfer market in January, Klopp said: "If we can do something in January, I have no idea

收听音高以在以下位置播客:Spotify |苹果|当最新的正面测试后,Castbox Salah飞往家乡。莱斯特的进攻会削弱利物浦吗?当被问及他是否必须在一月份进入转会市场时,克洛普说:“如果我们在一月份能做些事情,我不知道

If we want to do something in January, I have no idea


We"ll just have to see


985平台"That we look for solutions and the transfer market - that is clear


But in the moment we have the situation we have


"I don"t want to compare situations but when I came to Dortmund in 2008 my two centre-halves were 19 and turned 20 that winter and we played with them for that entire time


Mats Hummels and Neven Subotic

Mats Hummels和Neven Subotic

"We have talent here985平台


985平台They are young - 18, 19, 23 - and we have more experienced players, so we will see


Everybody has a chance


"They can smell the chance and they step up


They want to show they are ready and we will see


"We have midfielders - not in the moment but hopefully in a couple of weeks - who can play the more defensive role as well


For the moment we are fine


"I"m really confident it will work out with the boys and then hopefully we can convince the rest of the world as well." Fabinho has a chance of being fit for Sunday after returning to training but the wait appears to be going on for Thiago, the summer signing who so energised the fanbase following his arrival from Bayern Munich


The Spain international played just 135 minutes in two appearances before sustaining a knee injury in last month"s Merseyside derby - overshadowed by the anterior cruciate ligament injury sustained by Van Dijk in the same match - and his return is taking longer than expected


When it was suggested supporters are desperate to see the world-class midfielder back in action, Klopp replied: "So am I


I cannot change these things


We have to deal with the consequences of injuries, of the accidents, the fouls or whatever


"If he could have played before he would have played before but he couldn"t but he is out there on the pitch running, doing a lot of stuff, and it will not be too long any more


"In the beginning we got the horrible pictures from Virgil and were kind of relieved it"s not that serious for Thiago, but it was always clear it wouldn"t be two or three days


"At first we thought it would settle quickly but it didn"t and that"s what you have to accept


We will not rush it


We prepare him for the rest of the season, not for the first game he can play again


"Players have to train in the big sessions with the team, and not only once


"Fabinho was part of that and what we make of that I don"t know yet because I don"t know how he reacts but Fabinho was part of normal team training." Liverpool injury crisis: How will they cope against Leicester?Vinny O"Connor joined the Pitch to Post Preview Podcast to assess Liverpool"s growing injury list and how it will affect Jurgen Klopp"s team selection and tactics against Leicester on Sunday

“法比尼奥是其中的一员,而我们所做的事情我还不知道,因为我不知道他的反应,但法比尼奥是常规团队训练的一部分。”利物浦受伤危机:他们将如何应对莱斯特?温尼·奥康纳(Vinny O"Connor)加入了Pitch to Post Preview Podcast评估利物浦不断增长的伤病名单,以及它将如何影响周日对阵于尔根·克洛普(Jurgen Klopp)对抗莱切斯特的球队选择和战术

"There"s an opportunity for those coming in, Nat Phillips and Rhys Williams are two who have risen to the challenge already this season, they"ve found a way to win, Jurgen Klopp has changed formation now and again but they"ve found a way to be consistent in their results

“有机会的人,纳特·菲利普斯和里斯·威廉姆斯都是本赛季已经挑战的两个人,他们已经找到了获胜的方式,于尔根·克洛普(Jurgen Klopp)一次又一次改变了阵型,但他们已经找到了方式保持一致的结果

"Yes injuries have impacted on them, but they have been able to utilise that squad and grind out those results which have kept them in contention."



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