杰克·哈里森(Jack Harrison):利兹联队的边锋目标提高到英格兰队

时间:2020-11-20 15:10:47

Leeds United winger Jack Harrison is vowing to "raise the bar again" in an attempt to break into Gareth Southgate"s England squad

利兹联队边锋杰克·哈里森(Jack Harrison)誓言“再次提高门槛”,试图闯入加雷斯·索斯盖特(Gareth Southgate)的英格兰队

Harrison, who has played for the U21s, has continued to impress following his return to Elland Road on a season-long loan deal from Manchester City

为U21效力的哈里森(Harrison)在曼彻斯特城(Manchester City)签下了为期一个赛季的贷款合同后返回艾兰路(Elland Road),继续给人留下深刻印象

The 23-year-old spent the previous two campaigns on loan at Leeds and featured in every game last season as Marcelo Bielsa"s side won the Sky Bet Championship title

这位23岁的球员在利兹租借了前两次竞选活动,并在上赛季的每一场比赛中都受到关注,因为Marcelo Bielsa的球队赢得了Sky Bet Championship冠军

Leeds ask PL to clarify offside rule after Bamford "goal"Ebere Eze stars as Palace put four past LeedsHarrison and Patrick Bamford have emerged as potential England players along with team-mate Kalvin Phillips, who has made the international breakthrough and only missed out on Southgate"s most recent squad because of a shoulder injury

利兹要求PL澄清越位规则,因为宫(Balford"goal")埃贝里·埃兹(Ebere Eze)明星被宫殿带走了四名利兹哈里森(LeedsHarrison)和帕特里克·班福德(Patrick Bamford)成为潜在的英格兰球员,以及队友卡尔文·菲利普斯(Kalvin Phillips),后者在国际上取得了突破,只错过了南门(Southgate)最近的小队因为肩伤

"Growing up I always said to myself it"s been a dream of mine to play in the Premier League and I think now that I"m here I have to raise the bar again and international football is that next step," Harrison told News


Download the Scores App: Apple | AndroidThe UK"s No 1 scores app: Find out more"I love to be able to go away on international breaks, and to play with the national team would be a dream so it"s something that I"m working towards

下载Scores应用程序:Apple | AndroidThe UK"s No 1 scores app:了解更多“我喜欢能够在国际比赛中脱颖而出,并与国家队一起比赛将是一个梦想,所以我正在为此而努力

"I do extras here and there, doing what I can to try and get to that next level." "I couldn"t be more happy for him [Kalvin Phillips] especially having had the opportunity to leave Leeds and potentially play with the national team earlier

“我在这里和那里做额外的事情,尽我所能去达到下一个层次。” “我为他[加尔文·菲利普斯]感到更高兴,特别是有机会离开利兹并有可能早些时候与国家队一起比赛

"He decided to stay at Leeds and be a part of an historic moment娱乐圈之天王


He"s become a legend here, he really deserves everything he gets coming to him and I"m so happy that he"s made the national team


"I"m hoping he gets back from injury quickly and he can get back in there, seeing him play there is incredible." Harrison is now focused on Sunday"s Premier League game against Arsenal live on


It will be a meeting with Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta who "inspired" him during their brief time together at Manchester City

这将是与阿森纳老板米克尔·阿泰塔(Mikel Arteta)的一次会面,后者在曼彻斯特城的短暂时光“启发”了他

"I only worked with him for one pre-season and watching the way he worked alongside Pep (Guardiola) was inspirational, watching all the advice they gave to the players was something I really tried to learn something from," said Harrison


"It was only a short experience being part of their pre-season but I"ve been really grateful for that, just learning how they conduct their training sessions


"He [Arteta] wouldn"t even remember saying certain things to me and other players around me as well


It was only small to him but it can make a big difference to us as players especially being so young and wanting to learn so much as well


"You can tell he"s very intelligent, he knows a lot about the game and working along with Pep you can see why he"s got the reputation he has so it will be another interesting one going into this weekend."



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